I love Ubuntu MATE. Upgrading to 16.04 as I type…

I grew up a Windows geek, so I’m not an anti-Windows type. I generally believe people should use what they love.

And that is why I use Ubuntu MATE as my main daily driver. I love a lot of *nix philosophies and methods anyway, but today’s bit of happiness is this: Upgrading to a newer version of Windows involves running a setup that takes over. You’re a passenger on a ride, and you’re stuck until it’s done.

But here I am in Chrome, browsing and working and wasting your time by writing this bit of praise while the new release is isntalling.

I love that.

Sometimes there’s problems - and I really hope I get lucky with no problems; but there’s problems with every OS. That’s a fact of life.

But just the little breaths of fresh air are wonderful.

Thank you to everyone who makes *nix and specifically Ubuntu MATE what it is. <3


The UM installation process is really a breeze! I’m sure if you run into any issues the community will be able to help you out though. :slight_smile:

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It was a breeze!

I’m a bit bummed because some settings I wasn’t expecting got reset, for example my compose key (set as capslock, an otherwise useless key! lol), but hey, that’s life. edit: Some settings went wonky while the upgrade was working, but came back after the reboot. Odd!

Installation was quite breezy! Now I have to poke around and find the new cool toys.

I love being able to be passionately adoring of my OS. <3

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Personally, I love the CSD integration. I thing it looks great especially since it automatically adjusts to my system them. I only wish more applications made use of it!

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Did you follow this type of new/fresh install @ieh?:

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I edited my post (just now) because after the reboot, the Compose key started working again.

A quick glance of the link and that’s something I’ll save to look at for 16.10, perhaps. Thanks! :slight_smile:

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I save myself a lot of work and have updated from 14.04 through 16.04 without having to re-copy anything to my home folder, that said, I may have done a complete reshape of my partitions in the meantime but can't remember! (I have a test partition too!). :smiley:

The best trick to employ is the following:

To further speed up your re-installation process, after your first boot and you ran "dpkg" per my recommendation above, run a meta command in the terminal with a pre-written favourite package list like the example below (make a copy and save for future use!):

sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get install synaptic shutter gparted gpart xsane hplip-gui deluge bleachbit libreoffice me-tv kaffeine linux-firmware-nonfree devede handbrake libxine2-all-plugins transcode ubuntu-restricted-extras vamps videotrans playonlinux mono-complete p7zip-rar winbind kshisen amarok kontact skype faac flac chameleon-cursor-theme clamtk mate-desktop-environment-extras alien k3b chromium-browser pepperflashplugin-nonfree poedit git

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