I need help with newly installed mate bionic beaver LTS

hello everybody!

I'm trying to make a cluster with some old computers (all i386 and 1gb of ram ddr1), and i guess the only ubuntu flavour i can do that is the Mate.

we'll, with that explained, I'm trying to make the system use only the command line and if possible login automatically on the startup, so I don't need to login on each pc individually every time...

the command line only part it's the priority, so if can i, how i do that?

anyway, sorry for any gramatical error, I'm not an original English speaker.

Hi @Caio_Silva !
Welcome to the community !

Whoaaa xD You are adventurous with such old hardware.
Do you need to get inside GUI ? or only command line text mode is enough for you ?

If you are still before installation of UM, during the initial setup inside user information, you can check the "Auto login" check box.

If you need to get to the GUI, after installation, go to the menu and search for "Login Window", it will prompt for your password, next go to Users and configure auto-login :slight_smile:

If you don't need GUI, try more something like Ubuntu Server and fallow this link to configure auto login :slight_smile:

I have a old IBM X40 computer - 30 years old now xD (pic here) perfectly running UM 18.04, fully up to date too, and like using it sometimes for cool stuff like web browsing :slight_smile:

Good luck :slight_smile:


oh well, very thanks! :slight_smile:

will try that

You can also do it more secure way :slight_smile: :

To login to many desktops connected to the LAN at the same time, you can also run a ssh command to run a script on all of them, that will input password for you :

export XAUTHORITY=/var/lib/lightdm/.Xauthority
export DISPLAY=:0
xdotool type "YourMainUserPasswordThatTheComputerIsAskingForCredentials"
sleep 1
xdotool key Return
  • targets must be connected to the network
  • xdotool need to be installed on those targets
  • openssh-server must be installed on all your targets
  • better to work with a ssh passwordless key private/public communication ssh-keygen ssh-copyid to remote computers

Next, only run from a master computer :

ssh targetuser@targetmqchine1 /path/to/script.sh
ssh targetuser@targetmqchine2 /path/to/script.sh

This is applicable for a Desktop with GUI