In Memoriam Michael Dooley

Unfortunately we have some very sad news to share with the Ubuntu MATE Community.

We are very sad to announce that Michael Dooley (@mdooley) has passed away.

Michael was a huge part of this community. While he made many posts to support and help end users, his biggest contributions were unseen by most. Michael was a Moderator who worked tirelessly behind the scenes to help keep the community running smoothly and was truly the "Eyes of the Community".

Michael will be much missed but his impact in helping users and the overall Community will continue on.

The Ubuntu MATE Team sends our deepest condolences to Michael's friends and family.


Oh I'm so sorry for this bad news. I remember Michael helping and guiding a lot with many varied doubts, especially a few years ago when I entered the community and I was a complete puppy. He was certainly tenacious and very dedicated.
Rest in peace.

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How deeply sorry am I, a solemn day this is. He was a fine man and I shall always remember him as such. Even though I have been in this community for only a year and a half, I have interacted with him in some direct way or another almost ever since I joined, and he was one of the first who welcomed me to the Quality Assurance team, to name only a very small handful of interactions I had with him that I recall. Mr. Dooley, you will be sorely missed by me for indefinite years to come.

Rest in peace, Michael Dooley. I truly and deeply mean it.

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Rest in peace, Michael; we'll miss you! Thanks for all the hard work you've done for this community.


My condolences. May he rest in peace.

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Really astonished and sad to hear this...

I do not know how you are, but me, when someone that you know (even here virtual) pass away, I feel better if I know at least vague the reason... natural, medical, covid, car accident,...
I mention this because here in a community we are somehow closed together, not quite strangers, and I consider we need to know at list a little more than that just he is "no more here" ...

For me, if I do not ask this question, it feal like I do not care, ...

Quite sad, another friend gone...

I agree with you, but for the record, @goinglinux (the person who found out that Mr. Dooley died) is waiting until Dooley's family has finished mourning before probing Dooley's family about the details. It's not because we doesn't care, it's because we're paying respect to Mr. Dooley and his family.

The original announcement took place on @Wimpy's Discord server:

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