Installing Ubuntu-Mate 18.04 - what to do if the bootloader breaks



I’ve just upgraded my main system from 16.04 to 18.04. It was a fight. I have two drives and an Intel BIOS. When installing via “The something else method” the bootloader broke.

I was technically out of my depth, all I could get was a GRUB prompt.

Ubuntu-Mate solved the problem for me. Here is how that happened.

I had installed from a USB thumb drive, but I could not re-start a fresh installation attempt from it, I kept being left in front of a GRUB prompt. I had a magazine (Linux Welt) DVD with a copy of 18.04 and booted from that. This time a new installation process was launched. On the Ubuntu-Mate “Welcome” window that appeared there was a “button” to repair boot problems. I clicked it and let it run its course. I then continued with the installation process which went smoothly (except for some difficulties with my QWERTZ keyboard (for details and solution see this post):

Serious praise.
I do not know who put that “repair boot problems” button on the Welcome screen. That was a wonderful idea. You have my gratitude. :clap:

Non-qwerty keyboard at login?

I did, commited 2+ years ago. :blush:

My thanks goes out to the boot-repair developers who are the heroes to repair the bootloader in just a few clicks. :thumbsup:


Please let me know where I can find the “repair boot problems” button - can’t seem to find it on the live USB nor in an installed system. Thanks alpinejohn .


@mdooley It’s in Welcome > Installation guide > Dual booting and there you can Install it.

I only know it’s there, because I was translating Welcome and had to explore what it is to translate it correctly.


Ahh. I finally found it in a live USB (MATE 18.04.1) under Installation Help > Dual Booting > Repair Boot Problems > Download Boot Repair. Thanks ele.