Is it allowed to use the MATE-Logo for creating an own hoddie?

As a big fan of UM i would like to create (and print) my own hoddie with the logo of Ubuntu MATE at the front side.
Is it allowed to use the Ubuntu MATE-Logo for creating my own hoddie (fanstuff)?
If yes, where can i get a good quality of the logo?

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I do not know if it's allowed, maybe @wimpy can answer this best.

But the artwork can be found here:


Yes you can. All artwork is Creative Commons :smiley:


Thanks a lot! Very nice! :smiley:

Show us what you make though :grinning:

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What do you think about this:

This is my first draft.
Source: Screenshots from


Looks pretty great :smiley:

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I experimented a little bit with gimp.
This is in font ubuntu and a green MATE.

Source: Screenshot from


Thats very cool! I am excited to see your finished product :+1:

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It's done!

Here it is:

If somebody would like to use this draft for creating an own shirt or pullover, you can take this file. I got that logo from here and added the text (font: Ubuntu) under the logo with Gimp. Unfortunately i cannot upload the Gimp xcf-file, so you could edit the text. But i can send it per mail if somebody want to get them.

(it has a transparent background, 5000 x 6000 pixel)

The picture on the back of the pullover is a composition of the ubuntu MATE image (see link above) and an image from (Design LINUX VERSTEHER, washed look)

I had printed it through the online shop They have done a good job.
For me size L fits (1,80 m / 89 kg).
I am happy with it! It's very cool!!! :joy:

Best regards!


Good job, looks GREAT, thanks for taking the time to share with us :clap:

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Nice!! Looks nice that asymmetry.

Great job, well done :slight_smile: