Is this Spotify update okay?

Was needing to know if this Spotify update, which came in today, is okay to do - for those using the @lah7 rollback method? (the version with the offline interface)

spotify-client (version 1: will be upgraded to version 1:

Thanks! :relaxed:

I haven’t been using Spotify lately, but so far, “it works” but it’s missing a few things.

  • There’s no longer a menu bar, just an ↓ arrow in the top-right. Right-clicking works without bugs.
  • Loss of sound applet integration :frowning:

I don’t have premium to test offline listening, but the option is there when you right-click a playlist.

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Okay, I’ll do it later; and let you know how offline listening, by way of, right-clicking a playlist goes. :sweat_smile:

That option, via the menu bar, is what got me back on Spotify; and it was only due to your most awesome, cobbled together respin.

Fingers Crossed! :cold_sweat:

I don’t see any options to manually set to “Offline Mode” like the previous version did, but playlists can be made “Available Offline”.

Coincidentally, today, this article emerges:

Well, according to this article, it looks like the only manner in which to use Spotify, wholly offline, is to install the Windows version, and run it through WINE. :unamused:

Thank you immensely for keeping up with this one, @lah7; this community, and OS, are measurably better because you are such a huge part of it all!! :innocent:

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I did the update of spotify for linux (on Ubuntu Mate 15.10) and everything is fine for me…
I am using only a free acount.

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