Is welcome on Bitbucket still active?

I have nearly finished the German translation but now you have switched to Transiflex; I must ask if the Bitbucket Welcome is still being maintained (updated) as I don’t really want to switch to using a new translation app because I am almost finished with it anyway! (2 and a half more folders to go!). :smiley:

Yes, BitBucket is active. Submit your pull request now, even of the translation is incomplete, and I’ll push the translation to Transifex.

After that, all translation work will be done in Transifex and automatically merged back into BitBucket as people submit new or updated Translations :slight_smile:

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please check your mailbox. It has been uploaded!. :smiley:

Please confirm when it is on Transiflex and I will start using that!. :smiley:

@wolfman See my comments on BitBucket, you need to rename some files before I can merge your changes.

Hi Martin,

I sent you my login details (per PM) and you can log in as me because I don’t know what I am doing anyway, not a problem!. :smiley:

Regards Wolfman :smiley:

@wolfman change you password, it didn’t need your account details :slight_smile: I’ve taken care of the merging of your German translation is complete and is on Transifex :slight_smile:

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Nice one Martin, wilco!. :smiley:

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Hi. I’ve also edited the translation on Bitbucket and created pull request. Will this be still valid way of pushing translation or do all translations have to go trough Transifex from now?