Issue with atril in presentation mode

Hello! I have a little issue with Atril in the presentation mode (the full screen view obtained by pressing F5). When i have an Atril istance in this mode on a workspace, if I switch to another virtual desktop (ctrl+alt+left or right) some times, everything freezes and i have to restart X (ctrl+alt+DEL).

Hi @fenderico,

what graphics card do you have and have you installed any drivers?:

Have you run a full system update?:

Hi @wolfman, I have a nvidia geforce 820m with its own proprietary drivers installed, I’m on Ubuntu mate 16.10

Hi @fenderico,

I tried it out in presentation mode and it works fine, did you do the updates?, what drivers did you install for your Nvidia GPU?. :smiley:

I use NVIDIA binary driver version 340.101 (it says tested), should I use nouveau instead?

Switched to nouveau, it works perfectly!! Damned proprietary drivers…
Thank you @wolfman !

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