Issue with Clementine on Beta 2 - Did Not Have Issue on Beta 1

Hello, I'm currently running 16.04 Beta 2 and I like to use Clementine as my default music player, but for some reason I am getting errors when I open it in the terminal and when I try to play a WMA I get a gstreamer error.

This is odd because I've already installed the codecs package and I did not have this issue when playing WMA files during Beta 1 testing. Please take a look at the errors below:

Does anyone know if I can fix this issue because it was working just fine before and I have a lot of WMA files that I listen to regularly. Thanks guys.

Try updating again as there are constant updates and the problem may solve itself, if after updating it doesn't; try changing your software sources download location and run an update again!:

I gave up and started using Rhythmbox for now. However, I read your guide and it’s very useful. I’ll try to update again in a week or so and hopefully the issue will be solved! Thanks.

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A suggestion for you Justin is to use “Amarok” which is what I prefer!:

sudo apt-get install amarok

Looks interesting. I’ll try it out. Thanks!

Do you happen to know if I can remove Rhythmbox? When I try to uninstall it it says that it will also remove ubuntu-mate-desktop. Not sure why the desktop would need to depend on a music player, but i figured I’d play it safe and keep it installed.

I believe that it is safe, I have done it a couple of times in the past myself, take a look here for a fuller explanation:

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Cool that makes me feel better. Looks like I have some stuff to delete now!

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UPDATE: The issue has been patched by recent updates! Clementine works perfectly now.