Issue with french translation

There's something wrong with french translation since 20.10:
Instead of «éteindre...» (shutdown...), there is «arrêt en cours...» (pending shutdown...) as shown below:
Capture d’écran de 2021-01-11 13-52-46
And then when we click on it there's a whole sentence in english instead of french («Cet ordinateur s'éteindra automatiquement dans 50 secondes»).
Capture d’écran de 2021-01-11 13-53-01
I opened this thread because I just cannot find those wrong sentences on Transifex. When I looked there it was well translated so I assumed the issue had been fixed and yet it's still present in the daily 21.04 isos.

I know too well this is not a deal breaker but correct translations for those items would give it a more polished look as we see them every time we want to shutdown our systems. Maybe something to do with the new indicators ? Anyway, I just cannot fix it myself hence this post.
Thanks for the wonderful work.

Translations in MATE may take a while to work their way through, since it'll need a new MATE release and then packaged up for the next Ubuntu version.


It should be possible to download the PO file for mate-session-manager from Transifex and copy onto your system to test. An example of the dialog under Languages:

Copy the downloaded PO file (as root) to:


Assuming fr is the locale code. I haven't checked, but I could be wrong if the string is provided by something other then mate-session-manager. Make sure to delete the existing MO file - that one is just a compiled version of PO.

Log out and log back in and hopefully you'll see the newest translations in action!

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Hi and thanks for answering.
I tried with the latest mate-session-manager.po from Transifex in vain.
I just can't figure out where the wrong translation came from. :confused:

So, both the errors above are present even when using the latest French translation?

If you can search for the "source" string, something should be there under:

  • "Shut Down..."
  • "This system will be automatically shut down in %d seconds"

That file can be opened in a text editor or tool like Poedit. The PO could be compiled into MO format (either with local or online tools), but I thought both would equally work.

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The *.po file from Transifex is well translated and contains what should be used. There's no «arrêt en cours» in that file.
I deleted the *.mo file and put mate-session-manager.po instead and even made sure to reboot (I know I could just have logged out and then back in) before testing.
I have to find the right file where it comes from.

Ok ! As suspected in my first post, the translation issues comes from the file
Line 116 and 117:

msgid "Shut Down…
msgstr "Arrêt en cours…

Line 117 should be:
> msgstr "Éteindre…

"This system will be automatically shut down in %d seconds" seems to be missing from that file though.

Sorry, it turns out that it only works with a MO (compiled) file. I got confused since I've developed applications that happily read PO files too. :man_facepalming:

There's command line tools, but the easiest is to save it with Poedit (both .po and .mo), or use this po2mo online converter which does the trick.

I also ran this for good measure:

sudo locale-gen fr

As I was typing this, yes! I forgot that 20.10 switched to Atayana indicators!

It seems that project is using Weblate:

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Thanks a lot for the guidance.
I installed gettext and used the msgunfmt *.mo > *.po method to convert the file and found the weblate URL as well.
Time to register I guess :slight_smile: !

You're welcome! I found Weblate a little clunky, but it seems you can suggest strings anonymously without an account.

I was able to suggest a change for :gb:. It makes me feel uneasy that it says "Switch Off..." instead of "Shut Down..." :confused:

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Well, did the correction for shut down...
I just can't find that "This system will be automatically shut down in %d seconds" though.

"This system will be automatically [...]" is part of the mate-session-manager on Transifex. I don't have access to check, but it's definitely in the PO file on GitHub:

Yup, I had seen the translation was good there.

However, those sentences are missing in the from the 21.04 iso (and 20.10 as well I guess since the problem was already there). :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

I just mounted a VM with the 20.04.1 iso and they're present in the file.

msgid "This system will be automatically shut down in %d second"
msgid_plural "This system will be automatically shut down in %d seconds"
msgstr[0] "Cet ordinateur va s'éteindre automatiquement dans %d seconde"
msgstr[1] "Cet ordinateur va s'éteindre automatiquement dans %d secondes"

And those as well for the session log out (also missing in 20.10 and 21.04):

msgid "You will be automatically logged out in %d second"
msgid_plural "You will be automatically logged out in %d seconds"
msgstr[0] "Vous serez automatiquement déconnecté dans %d seconde"
msgstr[1] "Vous serez automatiquement déconnecté dans %d secondes"