I've installed the ubuntu mate 16.10 beta 1

I’ve installed the ubuntu mate 16.10 beta 1
And i have one good and one bad thing:

The good thing is that with the newest drivers from oibaf ppa i can use compton without any kind of tearing !

**The bad thing is that compiz has problems sometimes i can’t select any windows (or objects inside windows) with my **
**mouse , no matter where i click !!! if i use the alt-tab compination or use scalewindows/expose it fixes it for a while **
and then happens again later. Is it a bug ? Bad compiz configuration ??

I hardly play with compiz anymore. Last time I did, I had problems with workspaces.

Is this a possibility?


I think Chrome plays to its own rules. It’s quite possible that every other window will work fine and Chrome will still be weird.

I had the same problem once yesterday, but it’s not happened since and it went away after alt-tab like with takhs_achaia’s problem.

I can’t even click on the desktop or other windows…
Dont know why it happens

Yes i believe its a chrome problem. I’ve selected system titlebar/menus on chrome and see if it will happen again !

I’ve not had it happen again after I told Chrome to use system title bar and borders. Try that and see if it fixes the problem for you.