Kernel panic after trying to move /home to a separate partition

I want to possibly change to Debian and I found this, which one of the replies has instructions to move the /home directory to a new partition. After trying to do this and rebooting, it says “[16052.910912] Kernel panic - not syncing: Attempted to kill init! exitcode=0x00000004”. There’s about 20 lines of orange text after that. What did I do wrong?

EDIT: I hard-reset the computer and it showed a GRUB boot menu. I selected “Ubuntu” and it brought me to a shell or terminal called BusyBox with a “(initramfs)” prompt. There are errors about the “mount” command above that.

EDIT 2: I booted to an Ubuntu Live CD and when I open GParted it says that my main partition can’t be read. The partition with /home is fine, so not all of my data is lost, I guess.

If you have a kernel panic, I suspect that you moved more than /home elsewhere ???
can you tell more about your error messages ?

You weren’t on encrypted disk or home, were you ?
Obviously, your /boot is intact since you are seeing grub messages.
Can you tell us more of what you did to “move /home” ???

How is your disk partionned now ? can we have more details ?

Is it possible that you destroyed your root partition at the same time ???
(output of “# fdisk -l /dev/sda” would be usefull).

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The disk currently has a 26.18 GiB partition which has Ubuntu on it, a 10 GiB partition containing /home, and the swap partition. Maybe I edited /etc/fstab wrong, but I can’t access it now (even with Live CD). I’m trying to repair the filesystem with GParted right now, but GParted seems to have frozen?

EDIT: I force-quit GParted after a while and now the Ubuntu partition is working! But now when I start it brings me to a “maintenance shell” and in /etc there isn’t “fstab”, but there is “fstab.d” directory.

If push comes to shove and your /home is still intact, use the following method and all your data should still be intact!.

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