@lah7 is moving on from Ubuntu MATE

You will be missed and thank you for your years of service to the Ubuntu MATE project. :slight_smile:


Fare thee well, lah7

For my part I too wish to thank you. I do not know where your journey will take you, but wish you agreeable and enriching times ahead.

May the FLOSS be with you :slightly_smiling_face:


Is Manjaro and KDE a nice home or is desktop Linux simply less interesting these days?

Anyway, thank you for your efforts. Ubuntu MATE forum is one of the best forums despite less interaction in recent years.

I hope you are interested in the GTK fork @gordon is working on. I see you as a key person and I think you would appreciate a return of GTK2. You have a great understanding of the qualities of GTK2 and took the time to document them.

Maybe it's a futile effort, but who knows what will happen to Qt? The traditional desktop depends on a GTK fork. Otherwise MATE and Xfce will become nothing but lightweight GNOMEs (GTK4).

I never felt at home with Qt desktops and I think there are enough people interested in a traditional GTK based desktop, but of course time will tell.

Good luck whatever you do!
:slightly_smiling_face: :upside_down_face: :slightly_smiling_face:

Thank you and good luck on your future endeavours!

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Thanks for the work!

But I don't seen anything really wrong with the Software Boutique as it is in 20.04 at the moment. IMHO effort adding more "curated packages" to the Boutique would be better than attempts at a Boutique 2.0.

Different is not better, more packages would definitely be better.

Thank you very much @lah7 for your support and patience. Your knowledge helped us in much forms.
Good luck!


lah7 - Thank you for your contributions to the project. Best of luck to you in your future endeavors.


thanks for all the good works @lah7, just curious, when you said you're moving on from Ubuntu MATE, I'm wondering what the current Linux distro you're using now? thx.

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You'll be missed, bigtime, guy. Good luck in your new projects.

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Thank you so much for your service throughout all these years. You've surely participated in making this great community even greater. Wish you the best @lah7 :clap::clap::clap:

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Logged in to wish you well @lah7. I'm sure where ever you land next will be blessed to have you. :slightly_smiling_face:


Things change (don't they just! ) and people have to move on. But you will be sorely missed here, and a big loss to the community.

Many thanks for your help and support in the past. And special thanks for your efforts on alternate MATE colors for those of us non-greenies!

All the best for the future!


A loss ? I'd bet a chip that he'll be around from time to time (i.e. more often then not). To be moderator one need to be.... moderate.
And one shall assume that role with... moderation. So take a step back and reallocate your time is just sane and right decision, I'd say.

Do you know of any forum chief moderator that gets kudos these days !?

Au revoir
Asta la Vista


Much success to you...wherever you go. This community forum has been very welcoming and friendly; may your successor be equally as helpful...and bring his or her expertise to improve upon and enrich these pages. Until we meet again....

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Thanks for all of your time and involvement into all of this!

Also, all of the best in your future endeavours :wink:

cheers @lah7


[EDIT] I originally misstated that I didn't like the way GTK3 was going. I meant Gnome. Corrected below.

I don't understand this statement. MATE switched to GTK3 back in 2017 with the 1.18 release, and it continues to run very well. I use it exclusively. I switched to it originally because (1) I didn't like the direction Gnome 3 was going, and (2) I wanted something lightweight and fast, while also keeping the traditional Gnome look and feel. I don't see anything wrong with a lightweight Gnome. Care to elaborate?


Thanks Luke! This is a great distro and your efforts have obviously helped make it so!


My post refers to GTK4 as your quote indicates. The page describing the GTK4 changes has been taken down, but it basically said that traditional applications won't be possible with GTK4.

There is no need for immediate concern. GTK 3.24 will probably be supported for a long time. I have no idea how long, but maybe 10 years?

So your MATE desktop can look the way it currently does unless MATE devs want to push the Gnomification like Xfce devs are currently doing. I don't say this as criticism, because from the perspective of Xfce devs they are probably preparing for the future. They want to ensure that Xfce is compatible with the direction GTK is going even if it is possible to stay with GTK3 for a long time.

Sorry if it sounded like an emergency. There is probably a 10 year transition window to GTK4.

Gotta make it interesting yourself. Check out my recent guide on GNOME Pie here if you want a fun and vaguely interesting UI toy.

That isn't entirely true — If GNOME treated CSD as an optional component where titlebar buttons are bound to already-existing menu actions and the GTK4 decorator is optional, then traditional-style menus can co-exist with traditional-style buttons.

We really have to lean on the Chinese for this one however — They are the ones who want to make a Linux desktop look like Windows with various projects bearing the name of Kylin.

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