Learning about MATE

I’m finding new MATE components, applets, configurations etc when reading help posts in this forum.

I may not know an answer but having interest I explore to at least provide a request for help post some idea or direction. :smiley:

Hi @pfeiffep,

3 interesting Mate desktop guides here if that is what you mean?:

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Thanks @wolfman Those are nice reads for folks - possibly we should create / have a permanent post [not quite certain what to name this] where rather than a tutorial a list of suggested readings & sites with a short explanation.
I’m a fan of leveraging other’s knowledge and wisdom - definitely just the opposite of NIH - Not Invented Here

Hi Peter,

there are so many aspects of any OS and Ubuntu Mate is no exception!, the guides I have written thus far are what I think are the most important; especially for beginners, partitioning and updating being also something that needs to be well documented. If you have any ideas, maybe I can help put something together!. :smiley:

Perhaps creating an index or table of contents page containing links to tutorials would help new comers especially if it were a sticky.


Update guide............. Ubuntu Mate Update Guide - #12 by lejacobs
Linux Security............. Security on Linux and do I need an AntiVirus app? - #4 by maro
Screen Blanking aid.. Stop the screen from blanking in Ubuntu - #12 by wolfman

I didn't try to organize - I just scrolled to the first 3 on the list you created. If this is adopted I'm hoping that anyone creating an entry for Tips, Tricks, and Tutorials would be able to update. Having an unordered TOC or index might prove more useful that searching the entire section.

An index was thought of last year before me and @anon42388993 were become moderators. :slight_smile:

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And I would like to know if others are using tags for searching and how it is working for them.

Hi @anon42388993,

I’m not using any tags as I don’t really see any function tab for them anywhere or am I blinder than most?. :smiley:

Hi wolfman

This any help?

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No “hamburger” symbols showing on any threads here?. :thumbsdown:

Over here:

Tags are great for learning about different subjects -- one click and you get to see everything about #networking. Or one click for things about #partitioning, #updates or to look for #drivers -- especially when similar questions have solutions.


####I'm slowly warming to the tags.
Today I used search function prior to posting the tutorial about command prompt just to see if one already existed. When posting I chose 2 - terminal and system.
................................................................................. Hamburger Menu

Clicking on Tags

####I'd prefer the default to be sorted Alpha

The place to enter the tags is not very prominent- on my systems it's immediately above "post" but it appears as if it's greyed out, but start typing and the available tags are presented.

I think it's going to be slow to be adopted.

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Ah, its up there!, I was looking down the bottom!. :thumbsdown: Thanks @lah7 :thumbsup: