Lockscreen picture is not changing

first day i changed my lockscreen wallpaper without any difficulty but tomorrow there is something happen and it changes its default lockscreen and again i try to changed it using same process,it won’t changed /////////////// what’s the problem in it

How did you change your lockscreen ?

conrol panel—>lightDM GTK+Greeter settings—>None—>other location—>computer—>Home—>user—>Desktop—>.jpg file select—>save—>researt

To change Screensaver background follow this guide from the archwiki :
It should work .

I use this tutorial https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ETcIRXiPucg

@avestruz123. I tried this tutorial and nothing changes. I just still get a zoomed in version of whatever desktop wallpaper I choose. I didnt get any errors during the compile so Im not sure what else it could be unless its some kind of permissions? I’m using mate 17.10 final. any other suggestions?

try this.

I believe the workarounds for changing the lock screen background are only for pre-17.10 releases but since the “fix” in 17.10 I wonder if there is any way to have the lock screen background different to your desktop wallpaper.

I look forward to hearing from the veterans here.

I will try that but I think maybe that wont work because that ‘cold’ wallpaper doesn’t show, it just shows whatever you choose to be your desktop wallpaper

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Yeh, that doesnt work but I guess Im OK with the lockscreen being the same as the desktop as long as I could figure out how to not have it zoomed in and cut off into the right side of the screen, it makes the wallpaper distorted.