Looking for translators for Ubuntu MATE Welcome

I already know what “welcome” means, the thing is that in spanish you can translate this in two ways, so i just want to know the real meaning to choose the best translation

If you read through the link above; it explains the full meaning!. :smiley:

Good question, language can be interesting.

It’s more of a “Welcome to Ubuntu MATE!” - the noun form of “welcome” where you give a warm hello to somebody. It sounds more like the form “Welcome Harry!”.

Currently, the launcher in Spanish reads Bienvenido, I don’t know if that’s correct?

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Thank you very much @lah7 for the quick and useful answer, and yes, currently, the launcher reads Bienvenido, i just wanted to make sure that was the idea you wanted to express :smiley:.


Oh, setting up the workspace looks a bit intimidating to me as I’m quite the newbie linux user. I’ll do it step by step as @lah7 explains in his guide :slightly_smiling:

Edit: Alright I’ve started translating. I have a (couple of) question though :
Translating the following sentence : “Fixing incomplete install succeeded” In french I would write “La tentative de correction de l’installation a réussi” using “la tentative” to me seems accurate because ubuntu-mate is actually “trying” to correct the incomplete install. Also if I don’t use that word I have to write it very differently mentioning the OS “le système a réussi a corriger l’installation incomplète”.

Why do I keep using the verb “réussir” ? Because it’s an accurate translation of “to succeed” and it’s short, there are other translations but they’re longer and of course they’re the accurate translation of the next items not particularly this one :confounded:

Edit 2 : I made a first commit to my bitbucket (welcome, splash, index), this is really the first time working with repositories and doing translations outside of school so I’m a bit exstatic :wink:

hi everyone, stupid question, where can i find the "Create New Translation" button in the poedit?

here's mine:

this is from the guide:(new users only can put one image in a post.....so please refer to the link down below)

It looks like some of those strings are already translated (looking at the status bar at the bottom)

Was this already there when you started? If the source and destination strings are English (US spelling) to English (UK spelling), then this probably opened the en-GB translation.

Those “already translated” strings is made by myself cause I was trying to figure it out how to make poedit look like in the guide you described, but I think my poedit version is different from yours. Maybe ubuntu’s default repository is outdated.

For those who are using 1.5.4 version of poedit or can’t find the “Create New Translation” button, here’s my tips:
Click File->New catalog from POT file…->navigate to the pot files inside every folder and select it->edit the “Project name and version” and “Language”(otherwise poedit don’t allow you translate except English lol)->save it as a po file->enjoy your translation!

Although I’ve solved it by myself, thank you lah7 anyway!

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I noticed my fork of Ubuntu Welcome was behind on quite a few commits. I synced it, then rebased my local copy and updated my translation using the “update from pot” option. Did I do it the right way ? :sweat:

Edit: One file ended up garbled. I corrected that…

@Aluxandria, from what I can see, your translations look like they’ll be in good working order. :thumbsup: I’m not sure why the character encoding had changed after merging the latest changes upstream (hence the garbled text)

I didn’t know there was an “update from pot” option. I’ll update the guide and link @s585448’s notes for older versions of Poedit – which version of Ubuntu MATE by the way?

Thank you all for your efforts. :slight_smile:

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@lah7 I use Ubuntu 14.04LTS with MATE 1.8.2

Hi i can translate Ubuntu Mate from English to Danish.
Danish is my native language but im pretty good at english and i understand everything in The welcome screen and slideshow. :smiley:


Hi, where should we post or report mistakes from the original text?

You can let us know in this Translation category, like this recent thread:

Alternately, if you know where in the code, you can make the changes yourself.

Hi translators, mini update for those who have started.

Got the latest changes?

With the help from our community, we've found some incorrect English grammar and missing words that we'd overlooked, causing slight confusion when translating.

Strings have been updated, and you may be behind. Sorry to be inconvenient! :confounded:

If this is skipped, some English strings will appear in the final release - as your translation became incomplete. Qui voudrait ça? :wink:


  • Open your repository folder in a terminal.

  • Merge the latest changes:

git pull https://bitbucket.org/ubuntu-mate/ubuntu-mate-welcome.git master

  • Update each PO file you have produced from Poedit using the Catalogue"Update from POT file" option.


New translators and forks do not need to do this.
Please backup first if you're unsure.

:blue_book: Need the guide?

Check you're using country locales.

For instance, there is French Canadian (fr_CA) and French France (fr_FR), but general French (fr) is currently not recognised by Welcome.

If you started with a locale like this, please rename to use the country locale.

  • E.g. de (German)→ de_DE (German from Germany).

Thank you!

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Hello, I don’t know if you need any more translators, but I can speak Spanish (native) and Esperanto, currently I’ve got vacation and a lot of time, so I can contribute to the translation.


I believe @javicule is currently working on Spanish, but you could send them a message to divide / review the tasks. Others have expressed their interest previously.

I’m not aware of anyone working on Esperanto, so feel free. :slight_smile:

:calendar: Just a reminder for everyone: The deadline for inclusion in 16.04 is 07 April 2016.

Hi everyone. @Wimpy has successfully integrated Welcome into Transifex, which will make translating much easier – it is web based and offers more features to ensure quality translations, like reviewing. :thumbsup:

For translations that have started with Git and Poedit:

In order for the translations to be populated, please commit your partial translations so far and proceed to creating a pull request. Help if needed can be found in the previous guide.

I hope this isn’t too inconvenient switching systems. Once @Wimpy accepts your pull requests, they’ll be pushed and ready to translate on Transifex. Hang tight! :slight_smile:

New home for translations.

A new guide is available:


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