Looking for translators for Ubuntu MATE Welcome

Currently, Ubuntu MATE Welcome is only available in English, and we’re looking to change this for future releases.

At the moment, there isn’t an code implementation set up (such as PO) so we’re not ready for pull requests. For now, let’s gather members who are willing to translate the Welcome screen. :earth_africa:

If you speak a second language and are willing to help, please reply stating the languages can you translate to/from. :slightly_smiling:

Thank you.


Hi Luke,

ich spreche Deutsch als Fremdsprache!. I speak German as a 2nd language, I reached level B2!.

I have no idea about coding so I could translate English to German and German to English and you can do the rest?. :smiley:

There are a couple of native German speakers on the forum!. :smiley:

I must warn you though, I will not do reams of pages, a couple of pages or small items are okay, nothing like “War and peace” please!. :smiley:

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I’m French. I never finished my Masters Degree in “English Litterature and Civilisation”. I was two years in when I had to get back home due to health issues, that was about 6 years ago, but I’ve been consuming English-only (US as well as UK) news articles and videos, as well as posting in English on forums daily ever since. I can translate from English to French and the other way around. Also,** I’d like to do it** ! :slightly_smiling:

I’m french, and I am confident in my ability to translate from English to French and vice-versa.

Je suis Français, et je suis confiant dans ma capacité à traduire de l’anglais vers le francais et vice-versa.

PS: I’m actually male :smile:

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The only thing I can bring to the table is that I’m Dutch. So I could take a stab at that.

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I’m the main MATE translator for my native language (romanian)
I can definitely help translating the MATE welcome too

I have only one request
Please put the strings on Transifex when you’re ready
Most of the projects that I’m translating are there and it’s easier.
Thank you!

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I can translate to/from Spanish. I also think Transifex would be a great platform for this task.


I was waiting for this :grin:!! I can translate it to Spanish. I also think the use of Transifex would be a good idea.
It’s the last thing i need to recommend this distribution to other mates.

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Pootle is a possible open source alternative to Transifex. Here may be an article of interest: “The State of Open Translation Tools”. This is an area of interest to me as I began using the Google Website Translator some years back for non-profit sites. It would be an interesting transition to learn techniques for translating an operating system into multiple languages.

Footnote: MozillaFoundation @ GitHub: “Research Pootle and compare with Transifex”

We use Transifex for everything else already :slight_smile:

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I can help out with the Brazilian Portuguese translation, which I am native.
Also, I have experience in translating and Localization QA. Worked in this field for about 2 years in big projects, such as Call of Duty and Skylanders.

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I Can help with the Italian translation. I lived in england for more then 3 years, so I have no problems with translations :grinning:

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Hi, I can help with the Chinese translation. I lived in Taiwan for many many years:)

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I really liked the Ubuntu Mate, so I want to help. I can translate do portuguese. How can I do that?

Hi everyone. @robint99 is currently integrating the translation framework. As soon as things are ready, we’ll let you folks know.

Thank you again for expressing your interest! :slight_smile:

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I am using Ubuntu Mate for a about a year now (love it), i can translate to/from Portuguese.

Hi everyone. Welcome is now ready to become multilingual to speak any language around the world! Thank you again to @robint99 for developing the framework.

I've written a complete guide, so if you are entirely new to translating, we've got you covered. :slightly_smiling:

Sadly, Transifex isn't being used for this software. :neutral_face:

For translations to be included for the 16.04 release, please complete them before 07 April 2016.

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This also presents a great opportunity if you’d like to work together (via PM) to translate, as some of you speak the same languages and could end up duplicating some of the work. :wink:

@wolfman - German
@Aluxandria - French
@wizd3m - Dutch
@Danny3 - Romanian
@Asta1986 and @javicule - Spanish
@Xamineh - Brazilian Portuguese
@CarlosOFF and @Paulo.C - Portuguese
@Giacomo_Nicolini - Italian
@s585448 - Chinese

9 possible languages already! Who’ll proposed the 10th? :wink:


I can translate to hungarian.
Great guide by the way.

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Hi everybody, i’m going to post this here because it may interest some of you. It’s a question for @Wimpy, @lah7, … The name of the application is Welcome, right? However, when you say “welcome”, do you mean “Welcome Harry!” or “We gave a welcome to Harry”? This is a bit tricky in spanish, hehe, i don’t know if the rest have been wondering this for other languages.