LTS upgrade not working - no graphics

The software updater asked if i wanted to upgrade to LTS and i said “yes”

After a long upgrade process i get the regular login screen…but when i login it just displays the mate background and i am unable to access any programs.

I can drop down to ttx terminal mode, but can’t work on any graphical interface.

I’m posting from my cell phone.

Hi larryb

Drop to tty and try the command


See if that gets you to the GUI.

Another thing to try in tty is fix broken packages.

sudo apt -f install

If that gives any error messages, please post them the best you can.

See also about running “dpkg” per the update guide (network cable connection required!):

For removing/Installing graphics card drivers as root:

Startx gave me the following…

xf86EnableIOPorts: failed to set IOPL for I/O (Operation not permitted)

I don’t have an answer, but did get some hits.

Turns out i messed up my Mate installation by using a non-Mate kernel :open_mouth:

After re-installing the original distribution and getting all of the updates i am now back up and running without the graphics problem.

Thank you all so much!