Make Top Right Panel in Mutiny more like Unity?

I noticed that Mate 17.10 Mutiny has a slightly different arrangement of menus/icons to good ol' Unity. I kept hitting the calendar instead of the shutdown menu.

I suggest that the Calendar & the Shutdown menu be swapped around to be like Unity as this is what's being emulated :slight_smile:


There is a technical reason why it’s like this (for now anyway) – The clock is actually a MATE applet, and everything else to the left is an indicator.

Apparently the clock is a bit more difficult to add MATE support due to having tight integrations with Unity. :slight_frown:

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Actually adding MATE support is easy. The problem is the indicator-datetime applet is deeply integrated with Unity and GNOME. It is a big task and a new project team in Debian has been formed to tackle making Indicators desktop and distro agnostic.


Would something like this work better as a Mutiny default in the meantime (I used 'separators' to define the areas in the panel but they're not strictly necessary)?

Can you link me to that project?

I found this talk about it by Mike Gabriel.

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Thank you. Nice to see one of the best concepts from Unity being carried on and improved.

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For now, you could actually take out the MATE clock applet and install indicator-datetime, trying to pull as little of Unity/GNOME as possible:

sudo apt install indicator-datetime --no-install-recommends

Then add its executable to Start-up Applications:


It works OK and puts itself to the left of the power button like Unity, except that as it’s not integrated to MATE, you’ll need to dig in dconf-editor to modify settings (show seconds, day of week, etc)

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