Man Am i Impressed

I Got to say. i am quite Impressed from Ubuntu MATE it kind of reminds me the Old Ubuntu 10.0 thats what i like about it. it even has the original Sound effects from ubuntu 10.0 except startup sound
The only thing that would made me even more satisfied with this OS is if Ubuntu MATE’s VLC installation Came in with ‘vlc-plugin-fluidsynth’ Why? Because i feel the need of playing Classical Midi files. i have offered this before in other linux communities they are normally more hostile. sure i know its easy to get this package by doing ‘sudo apt-get install vlc-plugin-fluidsynth’ But it would of been better if it Came with it this way Running .midi files wouldnt been an issue. in my opinion it might make Any linux Distro more User friendly. Because Why download Codecs for a popular type of file? Especially when its a media file. *thats my opinion


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Yes, welcome!

Ready for some nostalgia? Place the following command in a Startup Application or run it in a terminal:

/usr/bin/play -v.3 /usr/share/sounds/ubuntu/stereo/desktop-login.ogg

Not bad for a piece with only one chord (C major). :joy:

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Thanks! Even tho right now i am still using Windows 8.1 if my hard disk fails i will move to it on my main. But i will just keep using it on every alt Computer i have.

i Wonder. Since VLC is set to be Defaut to open .midi files And it has a Sound icon already. i dont see why Not add The Fluidsynth thing for VLC to the ‘Install 3rd party software’ which as i know also installs flash. i’d just tought it would be a good idea to Make Stuff easier By being Able to Run .midi Files right away with out Having to go Look up fixes online.

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Can you tell us why? I know too little about different file types but is it related to open source and proprietary file types?

I Think. all i can tell you if you dont know what .midi is its basicly a sound file that mainly plays Piano insturments but it is able to do more than just a piano. Windows has Midi support integrated since 1998. i tought why not Linux would also have the Plugin to come with VLC? it makes stuff more simple. the other communities are more hostile Because when i asked this they told me “Midis are for musicians only” and Basicly they harshly Disagreed.

You can think of MIDI files as the sheet music to play all the instruments but the player provides all the sounds each instrument makes. This differs from ogg or mp3 which contain the sound waveforms. This makes MIDI files trivially small in comparison.

It’s like a player piano roll except you can have a full orchestra plus.

In support of having MIDI in VLC is the fact most the kernels in the major distros have the real MIDI interface (USB these days) compiled in. I was surprised the driver was already there to talk to my Yamaha keyboard. :slight_smile:

But that said, it’s still a niche. As a musician, I wouldn’t expect it there. It hangs on for dial-up when the first web pages and BBS’ with music used it because of the low bandwidth.

By the way, 149MB disk space to install.

Just my 2 cents.

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Alright yeah. like i am not a musician. i just think .midi files in genral either for amusement Or For musicians in VLC just gotta work this would be amazing if ubuntu MATE had it since so far there hasnt been a distro with midi support integraded. the rythmbox sort of has midi support but only has One Sound for the midi which isnt even a piano.

I believed for a long time that VLC lacked MIDI support. Looks like it does after all in the form of plugin. Thanks for the informative post, I’ll have to install that later. :slight_smile:

That said, if the plugin requires a lot of dependencies (or large ones like the soundfont), the image will grow larger and I doubt the maintainer would want to include it. (16.10 aims to reduce the image size).

The Software Boutique / Welcome program would portably be a good place for this. Like codecs and extra screensavers, it can become a one click install if the user desires MIDI playback.

I have a collection of MIDI files, and I’m not a musician, but I very rarely play them to need this preinstalled.

i doubt that this would make any major diffrence as it is only a few Megabytes. But we will see. Thank you for Noticing my Request.

As far my experiance goes with Ubuntu MATE its pretty good. i love it. but i would think that i would even LOVE it way more. if it had the MIDI plugin for VLC included with the option in the installation “install 3rd party software” which is usualy flash and other stuff. usualy a normal person would of have to find out that you need to install ‘vlc-plugin-fluidsynth’ Using the terminal. But In my opinion Ubuntu MATE would be Easier for Windows Users i think thats the point of MATE if you Can run the MIDI files with out looking a fix online. i can say already that when you download a midi file you get a sound icon and it opens up with VLC. but VLC does not come with the VLC Plugin. vlc used to come with it So i think including ‘vlc-plugin-fluidsynth’ to the ‘install 3rd party Software’ option in the setup would make the Operting system a bit more user friendly. especially for me because i Am not like advanced with linux yet.

Thanks. i know some people say midi files are for musicians and what ever. but i dont think so. people can find amusements from hearing Just a Midi file. besides is there anything to lose From adding this Compability for midis to come with the Operting system? it makes the OS more compatible with more Files.

Have you seen this?

Yes i did. what i meant here was Having it come with the System rather than finding it in the Boutique. but thats also an option.

thanks, man.
I’m looking too for MIDI codec on VLC.
now I got it from your thread. ^^