MATE 1.12 and "Screenlets" : are those compatible?


Coming from the Mac world, I must say that I love the ability to configure the appearance of my Desktop to my likings above all other features (the rest happens under the hood, and I won’t make a difference anyways :slightly_smiling:)

One of the features I like is the ability to display the system monitor on the desktop.
Conky can do that, but it’s not really easy to configure. Of course Conky Manager helps a lot, but it offers rather little themes :frowning:

That is why I was interested in the so called “Screenlets”.
But my question is : are those supposed to be really compatible with Ubuntu 15.10 and MATE 1.12 ?

I am asking because I some days ago, my computer would not wake up after having gone to sleep over the night…
I forced a reboot and got some errors on rebooting…

Ignored the errors, but after a short “sleep”, the desktop woke to a log screen… with no log options.

Forced reboot again, and another error.

All this happened shortly after I installed and used the screenlets.

Uninstalled them and since then no more errors.

But of course, as I am pretty new to Linux, I might have overlooked something upon install or maybe installed/removed things I shouldn’t have…

So I was just wondering if anyone else uses screenlets on MATE 1.12 and if so, what screelets he uses and if he also encounters problems…

Thanks for your answers.



this is mainly about the weather screenlet but gives you an idea, I use some screenlets on Ubuntu Mate 15.10 and 14.04 no problem!:

Hi Wolfman,

Many, many thanks for your answer…
Looking at the sources, I noticed that those haven’t been updated in about 1 year now.
And support for Ubuntu 16.04 is already said “Won’t work”, obviously for some Python problems…

Do you remember what and how you installed the screenlets ?
I think I used “AppGrid” and, once the “Screenlets” were installed, I used that to download additional screenlets…
Do I need to install additional packages ?

Thanks for your answer.


Hi @NexusPenguin,

install the screenlets collection via the following terminal (Ctrl + Alt + t) command:

sudo apt-get install screenlets-pack-all

Any required dependencies should be automatically installed, try it out and see, that’s really all I can suggest!. :smiley:

Screenlets isn’t working correctly in 16.04, that much I do know!. :frowning:

Hi Wolfman,

Again, many many thanks for taking time to reply…

I have installed “screelets” + “screenlets-pack-all”…

The terminal also recommended a bunch of other installs that I also installed…
Hope I did nothing wonrg :slightly_smiling:

Will now test one screenlet after the other, and report here in case of success… or of course, in case of failure !

As I said : the Source page says not working in 16.04.
Not sure what 16.04 brings anyways…

So AFAIAC, I’ll stick to 15.10, which fits my needs perfectly :slightly_smiling:



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Alrighty Fred,

good luck with that, lets hope that when the final of UM 16.04 comes out, all the little bugs will have jumped ship!. :smiley:

Hi Wolfman,

Well, I would not depend on it :slightly_smiling:

It seems the incompatibility with 16.04 is due to a change in Python (don’t know what that is !).
And as it seems (from the source page at least), the screenlets aren’t maintained anymore :frowning:
Besides the source page, I may also stress that A LOT of screenlets DO NOT work on 15.10 !

So I fear they won’t be supported in 16.04 anytime soon.
Just to keep screenlets, I’ll stick to 15.10 :slightly_smiling:

As I said : I won’t probably notice a difference between 15.10 and 16.04 anyways…
Unless of course MATE 2.0 (if that even exists one day) only runs on 16.04 :slightly_smiling:
That, I might notice…

I am running my first screenlet and will report how it goes on the long term :slightly_smiling:


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Hi Fred,

16.04 will eventually become stable so no worries there!. What I would point out is that 15.10 is only supported until July 2016, just so you know!. :slightly_smiling:

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The problem with screenkets and gdesklets is that they are discontinued . Python is the programming language that it is written on . Python version changes and the program doesn’t . So your best choice is to use conky . Cool configs can be found on deviantart or in Google . The other choose is to use a desktop that has built in desktop widgets like , Enlightenment ,Cinnamon , KDE Plasma Desktop .

Hi IvCho,

Thanks for your answer.

As I suspected, the screenlets are discontinued :frowning:

I know I can use Conky. But Desklets and Conky cannot be compared. And that for at least three reasons :

  • 1°) configuring a Conky RC file is a nightmare compared to how you can configure a screenlet ;
  • 2°) a Conky theme will be on desktop and you won’t be able to click it directly to move it or configure it ;
  • 3°) a Conky theme will appear on each and every desktop, when a screenlet can be configured to appear only on one desktop… and so I can have 5 desktops, each with it’s own screenlets, which isn’t possible in Conky.

About the other desktops :

  • KDE : I would rather use Windows directly than use KDE. I think it’s heavy as hell ;
  • Cinnamon is nice, but really only runs on Linux Mint. I know you can install it on other distros, but I did so, and each time, after tweaking it a little, I found myself with a totally screwed desktop…
  • Don’t know about Enlightenment…