Mate 22.10 beta - small bugs

I installed Ubuntu Mate 22.10. Works much faster than ubuntu, and look very good.
There are some minor bugs:

  • clock indicator has year instead of an hour.
  • brisk menu throw an error when switching to Mutiny layout.
  • Vlc do not show video, only plays sound. Celluloid works ok.

Best Regards.

Hi, @pasman_pasmanski

(Usual disclaimer: please note that I'm just another Forum user here, I'm NOT an Ubuntu Developer and/or Ubuntu MATE Developer).

You wrote:

Is your Ubuntu MATE 22.10 Beta installation using the Polish / Poland locale by any chance? If that's the case, you may be experiencing the same bug for the "ayatana-indicator-datetime" package that I found was reported for Ubuntu MATE 20.10 ("Groovy Gorilla") and that is noted in the Bug comments that is also affecting Ubuntu MATE 22.04 LTS ("Jammy Jellyfish") - "Wrong time display in Ubuntu Mate 20.10 when LC_TIME=pl_PL.UTF-8":

I've found the same bug / issue reported in the GitHub "upstream" git repository for "ayatana-indicator-datetime":

The same bug was discussed here in the "Ubuntu MATE Community" discussion forums in the following topic started about a week ago (on 24 September 2022) by "Marcin K" (@marcinkk) :

By the way, I've replied to Marcin in that topic:

@pasman_pasmanski : If you're using the Polish locale, you may want to go to the page "Bug #1906238 “Wrong time display in Ubuntu Mate 20.10/22.04/22.1...” : Bugs : ayatana-indicator-datetime package : Ubuntu" to add yourself to the users affected by that bug and add a comment there saying that you found that the bug still exists in the current Ubuntu MATE 22.10 ("Kinetic Kudu") Beta version. You may also want to add a comment in the "Wrong time displayed when LC_TIME=pl_PL.UTF-8 · Issue #28 · AyatanaIndicators/ayatana-indicator-datetime · GitHub" web page.

I hope this reply of mine is useful to you :slight_smile:


Thank for you reply.
Yes, I have polish locale (pl_PL.utf8). Look like this is the same issue - enabling seconds repair hours.

Thank you.

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Hi, clicking a bit through the 22.10 beta version, I've noticed a small visual glitch.

When using the Yaru theme, the horizontal and vertical scrollbars of Evolution's compose window have a transparent background.

The same seems to be the case for the message preview, but not the message list.

I couldn't find any issue describing this behavior on Yaru's issue tracker. Does anyone else see this or is it just an issue on my setup?