MATE panel is being dragged when I touch it in the Cupertino layout

I asked a similar question in Ask Ubuntu, but it seems that this site would be a better place to discussed it.

I have a touch screen computer running Ubuntu MATE 22.04.

When I accidentally touch on the MATE panel, the panel is dragged to another location, which is inconvenient, because sometimes I end up dislocating the panel while trying to move an window.

However, when I try to drag the panel with mouse, nothing happens (as expected).

How to stop the panel from being dragged when I touch it?

Note: @guiverc discovered that this happens in the Cupertino layout, but not in the Familiar layout.


I had a quick play using the current daily for jammy.2 (20230217.1; alas it's being respun :frowning: ) in a live session, and couldn't re-create this issue on

  • sony vaio ultrabook svp11216cgb (i5-9400u, 4gb, intel haswell-ULT)
  • samsung 700t1c-p10aat (i5-3317u, 4gb, 3rd

I've seen what you describe before though (as I'm not exclusively using MATE, thus it maybe a different DE & of no value here though sorry), but what PANEL LAYOUT were you using, as my live sessions only used the default familiar.

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I am using the Cupertino layout.


:slight_smile: Yep dead easy to re-create when using Cupertino....

Obvious workaround is using a different layout :slight_smile: ; whilst I've not tried them all here today, I've only encountered the issue you describe with Cupertino... For actual solution, you'll likely need to wait for a Ubuntu-MATE user who modifies defaults, or developer to provide more with regards fix... my focus currently is on getting jammy.2 released.


@guiverc I reported a bug in both Launchpad and GitHub. Can you please mark "It affects me" in Launchpad, and add a comment in GitHub that you can also reproduce it?


Turns out that the bug occurs as long as the appmenu (global menu) applet is in use. Removing the applet fixes the issue in both Cupertino and Contemporary layouts.

I still want to use global menu, so still looking for workarounds.

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Filed a new bug report at appmenu GitLab page MATE: When appmenu is being used, MATE panel is accidentally dragged when touched (only on touch screens) (#379) · Issues · ValaPanel Project / vala-panel-appmenu · GitLab