Mate Weather Applet not working completely

Hi guys,

I`ve got a little problem with the Weather Applet. The forecast information doesn´t appear for my location. I double check the forums and supposed to be resolved in August but for me is still there. I read that there was a kind of problem with the information provider but should be resolved. Any idea how to fix it??


Are you running MATE 1.14? (You can check this under System -> About MATE)

If so, the fix was packaged for MATE 1.14, an optional upgrade PPA for 16.04:

Hi lah7,

Many thanks for your answer. I´ve already upgrade to 1.14.1 but the problem is not fixed. When I try to check the forecast for my location says the same, there are no forecast information for your location or something like that.

Thanks again.

Hi @sophos,

an alternative for you!:

Hi Wolfman,

I´ve tried My Weather Indicator in my finding for an alternative to the Weather Applet and it is full of information, really good. But, the only thing that ■■■■ me off is the fact that the indicator doesn´t show the temperature stick to the icon. In the preferences, you can say “Show temperature” but doesn´t work.


Hi @sophos,

have you checked in preferences/units as mine shows the temperature no problem, or do you mean showing it in the top panel?:

Hi Wolfman,

I mean precisely in the top of the panel. I read the author’s website and suppose to be resolved in one of the last updates but is still there for me .


Hi @sophos,

same here, mine doesn’t show the temp in the panel either!. :frowning:

Hi @wolfman,

It’s very strange because supposed to be resolve. Maybe we have to wait for another update.

Hi @sophos,

that is possible, let’s wait and see!. :smiley:

No weather indications today any problem with the app?

Stupid gives the applet error 503 instead of the weather data. Not the first time in this year… :unamused:

Sometimes I have problems with the service “open weather map”
When its do not charge data, I change and use the “yahoo!”

For me, it just froze after a couple of days - could not even right-click it - and when I reloaded the panels, I got an error box informing me it couldn't load MateWeatherAppletFactory:MateWeatherApplet, and asked me if I wanted to delete it. I did, then tried adding it again, but immediately got the same error. Pity there are no more weather applets for the panel to choose from.

Hi, try Meteo as an option or one of the others listed below. :grinning:

There is also My Weather Indicator:

Open a terminal and copy & paste the following command:

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:atareao/atareao && sudo apt update && sudo apt install my-weather-indicator

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