Midori update crashed ubuntu 15.10

I updated to Midori new version via PPA as suggested by their website. After 10 minutes web browsing entire system crashed. I could not boot to the hard disk also, failed due to know proper boot media had to re install Ubuntu Mate again.

Hi Aga

The PPA I found is 8 months old and the same (0.5.11) as in my repositories. Have you found a newer one?


I just answered my own question

Look in /var/log/crash or the apport log if it happens again. A browser will not normally crash a system

Nope I downloaded it from tyhe ubuntu softaware centre ,I think its the same I didn’t check but after I loaded two tabs in the updated Midori I got a warning with internal system error and the whole system corrupted. Now installing everything again. Most annoying part is installing R and r commander Takes lot of time.

Have you checked for video drivers?

Open your software sources, its in your menu. Or in terminal…


And go to the ‘Additional Drivers’ tab.

Also did you update after you installed Mate?

Yes , I did install all additional drivers as suggested, (AMD VGA Driver and AMD chip set)
I find synaptic package manager to be useful than ubuntu software center.
I installed Opera as suggested in a earlier post up to now its working great. Hope it want crash!!

Ok, for now your good. If it happens again, check those logs. A reinstall should not be necessary, but at this point, there is no way of knowing. Perhaps mark this thread solved (with a reinstall) and if it happens again, start a new thread.


Thread solved with reinstall.Thank You

Hi @Aga,

if you ever need to do a new (re-) installation, follow this guide and it might save you a lot of headache if you haven't already done so, and/or don't know about it:

If you can get into "Recovery Mode", do the following:

To remove a package using the command line in "Recovery Mode":

Start in recovery mode (a network cable connection is required!) and first activate "Network" and then click on "root", then type the remove command (write it down on paper first).

To remove a package, just use the normal remove command like the following:

sudo apt-get remove firefox

Firefox is only an example, type the name of the package you want to remove replacing "firefox with the real package name!.

A real good example would be graphics card drivers which may be causing a problem, lets use an Nvidia package as an example:

sudo apt-get remove nvidia-304

which will remove the Nvidia 304 drivers package, restart with Ctrl + alt + Del, don't click on "Resume"!.

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Thank you for the great share.:grinning::ok_hand:

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