Minimum resolution for wallpapers is 1920x1080


I see a lot a creativity here with people making lots of wallpapers, this is brilliant :slightly_smiling: If you want your wallpaper to be considered for inclusion in Ubuntu MATE then the minimum resolution is 1920x1080

Additionally you should give your wallpaper a tile, and clearly state that it is licensed under Creative Commons (CC-BY-SA) so we can correctly attribute copyright.


Hi Wimpy,

I apologize for being dense, in regards to your much appreciated note here. I understand the minimum resolution part; but may you (or anyone else) please glean over the procedures involved in the second half of the posting? :cold_sweat:

Thanks! :sweat_smile:

I gave the Creative Commons site a stab; I think I’ve got it. :wink:

You just need to state in the post containing the wallpaper that said wallpaper is “Licensed CC-BY-SA” and that means I can include it in Ubuntu MATE :slight_smile:

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Minimum is 1920x1080, What’s the recommended Resolution?(4K might be amazingly scalable)

where I can contribute my photographs to be selected as wallpaper?

The minimum resolution is 1920x1080, so there shouldn't be a problem submitting 2k/4k wallpapers correct?