Multi-monitor maximised windows covered by panels


There is an old thread;

Rather than resurrect that one I've created a new one.

I am seeing this issue on Ubuntu MATE 18.04

The thread talks about this being a known issue. No link was given to this known issue, can anyone supply a link please? I'd like to see more details, and perhaps take a look at a fix.

The thread talks about work starting in a 'few weeks' but no update was given. Did work take place to fix this? Can anyone supply a link to said work if it exists please? If it exists for a newer version, I'd like to look at back porting to 18.04



Ubuntu MATE 18.04 goes EOL (End Of Life) upcoming April 2021 and users are adviced to upgrade to a new version or perform a clean install. So i wonder if it's worth the time you look at back porting it.

A good point; in that case backporting may be a fruitless exercise.
Would still like to know if there was any resolution that may appear releases post 18.04