My current 16.04 desktop


This is my other computer running Ubuntu Mate too:

Old desktop PC patched with parts from other computers & Ubuntu Mate 16.04
Numix Circle icons
Dock applet for apps

Best regards!! :grin:


Here is my Desktop some what simple. Numix theme and Icons


here is my laptop desktop same type of setup just different wallpaper.


My current desktop:

  • Arc Theme.
  • Moka icons.
  • Plank dock.

Dual 1080p monitors.

This is my main PC, used daily for work. I just love Ubuntu Mate!


Its my desktop, I love it


Here is mine. Pretty default. Strange for me not to customize that much. I guess I just like the default, not difficult coming after Debian. :smiley:


How did you manage to have your wallpaper spawning the two screens?
That is so very cool.


I use an Nvidia GPU with Nvidia propitiatory drivers. I just find a wallpaper to match the total resolution of my two screens, open the image, right click and set as desktop background. If the mode is incorrect I just right click on the desktop again, select ‘change desktop background’ and set style to ‘span’ in order to get the image to span across the two monitors.

All done!

Thanks for the comments.


Voila: My Desktop from Ubuntu Mate 16.04:

Numix Theme and Icons
Modified Gotham Conky

For beginners, I made an instructions:


Lovely feel to that desktop Atreju. I don’t know why, but it looks sort of Nordic. Maybe it is the minimalism.


Thank you very much @stevecook172001 :smiley:

I changed some icons of various applications (Firefox, Tor, zettelkasten, recoll etc.) to get a look in cold colors. :slight_smile:


He’s a Swiss man pretending to be a Viking Steve!. :smiley:


Probably true! :grin: We’ve got a lot of rain in last weeks and no summer in sight.


Very nice desktop @Atreju


I feel green today :wink:
And happy with Ubuntu Mate & Numix...

(updated screendump)


Thanks for sharing! I love this one.


That wallpaper is incredibly nice/clean. Thanks for sharing!


From Africa, with love.
My first Ubuntu Mate installation.


how did you get this theme ? @n30
btw it is cool.


No theme. I like it minimalistic. Not ready yet…
What I did until now:
select background from default set
add Plank dock,
install Numix icon set,
delete bottom panel
move top panel to bottom
delete from panel what you don’t need and make panel transparent and auto hide
add advanced menu to bottom panel, add icon to it and delete menu text