My current 16.04 desktop


With My Weather; weather app (top right), TraditionalOKTest theme with Ambiant Mate window border and Chameleon cursor, Mate Faenza Dark icons.

Thanks to @Justin for the great wallpaper!:


You're welcome man! The desktop is looking good! I changed up my desktop too. Going for a blue/black/white overall theme. Hidden panel at the top.


I like that pic too @Justin, hint; hint!. :smiley:


It's really simple, but I love it for some reason.


Thanks again @Justin :smiley:


Hi wolfman. Just about done now setting up my 16.04 install to my liking. Thought I’d share. It’s UM 16.04 with Ubuntu Studio meta package. Running absolutely solid as a rock…:slight_smile:


Nice Steve, could you post that desktop pic, a girlfriend of mine would like that (I like it too btw)!. :smiley:

What are the benefits of installing the Ubuntu studio meta package?. :smiley:

You might like this wallpaper, it is one of my favs!:


Hi Wolfman, you should find the picture in the existing UM picture database. Thanks for the one you just posted, by the way. Duly downloaded…:slight_smile:

As for Ubuntu Studio, I just install it all in one go cos it’s quick and easy to do.

See here:


Thanks Steve, I didn't even notice the ladybird pic in the desktop wallpaper thingy!, I will have to tell my friend about it. :smiley:

Thanks for the link about Ubuntu studio too. :smiley:


I’m using the biohazard wallpaper now. Thanks @wolfman


You might like this one too @Justin, it is also one of my favs!:


Great desktop! What are the two applications that you have running on your desktop (the clock in the upper right and the system control in the lower left corner)?


Wow, that one is really cool. Using it now.

@maro are you asking me? I'm using a slightly modified conky for the desktop displays. If you wanna download it I'd suggest getting the conky manager as well.

Looks awesome with the new background!


Yes, where and how to get this? I also like the settings of the clock. How do I get it onto the desktop?


Hi @maro,

the clock is “Gotham Theme”, I’m not sure what the other one is?:


Can’t remember the name of it, but once you download the manager it has a bunch of presets. If you’re feeling up to it you can even edit the code.



That's my current desktop:

HP G62 & Ubuntu Mate 16.04
Arc-Plank Theme modified
Numix Circle icons

Best regards!! :grin:


What a lovely clean looking wallpaper. Any chance of uploading it so I can get a copy?..:slight_smile:


Of course yes!! I’ve downloaded from Devianart, here is the link:

Check the other wallpapers from the author, they’re lovely too!! If you can’t download please let me know and I’ll post the link from my G. Drive.

Best regards!! :grin:


Another fav of mine!:

And (Tosello):