My current 16.04 desktop


Should I post this here :smiley:


I have a question @v3xx, why are your two panels both at the top?. :smiley:


Top panel is the Host system (16.04) and the other panel is the Guest system (16.10).


Just planning my next vacation! :wink:

Theme is a self Modded Ambiance-Blackout-Blue-Pro GTK2 theme from the Ambiance Blackout Colors Suit found here:
Icon Set is Amiga OSX found here:


Oh I see, I assume you are using VB or something similar?. :smiley:


No, just Ubuntu-MATE on a Gateway E-4500D. Been meaning to change the Amiga Ball menu icon back to the Ubuntu-MATE one, but keep putting it off.:ubuntu_mate:


Hi @SantaFe ,

if you are addressing me; I was talking to @v3xx because of his double panel at the top in his pic!. :smiley:

Yours looks good btw!. :thumbsup:


Figured might as well share what my setup looks like, since everyone else is! :smiley:

True to my username, I like gaming... from the image I'm sharing, a lot of it's actually old school or retro gaming as you can probably tell :stuck_out_tongue: (Though I have nothing against newer games!) I can't recall where I got a lot of my theming elements from for my desktop unfortunately, but I'll share what I do recall at least:
Main theme: Vivacious zBlackout (Set to Blue Spring)
Icons: Vivacious Dark Blue Vivid
Cursor: Oxygen (set to blue)
Theme and icons can be found somewhere arounds at:
Plank icons, wallpaper, etc: ... Somewhere on the net from my web-searching, credit goes to whoever made them, which I sadly don't recall :\ I especially like the NES pad wallpaper!


Whoops, gotta lay off the sugar! Sorry! :blush:


I just started a band called 1023mb. So far we haven’t gotten 1 Gig! :smiley:


Space Fun (Mate) With Traditional Green window borders and controls, Ubuntu Mate colors, and Radiant Mate icons.

A little bit of old school Debian nostalgia...


Hi @nthnrssllnsr,

what theme are you using?, I quite like what you have there!. :thumbsup:


I think it’s the theme Traditional Green, isn’t it?


Ubuntu mate 16.04 up to date
I wish it will stay that stable for a while ...

Looking for a way to go


Here is my desktop. After coming back to ubuntu mate.
Numix Circle icon theme.
Arc Dark theme
plank dock
*changed numix folder color to Blue instead of orange.


Here is my desktop.
Vertex-Dark theme
Papirus Dark GTK icon theme


That theme and icon set almost feel like they have my name on them. I think this will be perfect for me. Must try it out. Love especially the theme. Completely refuses the flat look that has become an unfortunate trend these days. Looks great. Thanks @ZoRg


Finally got sick of the dark flat look. So, here is my new-look desktop based entirely on a rip-off of Mint's look.

Mint-X theme, Mint-X icons


Icons : Paper (noobslab)
Theme : Ambiance Flat zFusion teal (noobslab)
Wallpaper somewhere on Devianart (storm cloud)
2 panels, Conky from the web without unused informations, 2 panels, Plank dock, Compiz enabled, covergloobus to display music on desktop.
Works like a charm :blush:


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