My current 16.04 desktop


Hi! This is mu current 16.04 desktop :slight_smile:


New wallpaper...



My work machine pretty old now looking young Thanks UM..


Where can i find the wallpaper?


I put the UM logo on it but it can be found without if you wish.


Im new here so i thought this would be a nice way to introduce :slight_smile:

Theme is Mint-Y Dark and icons are Faenza-dark


Nice. Did you manage to make the progress bar in some programs not appear white on active? I seem to have that problem while in Linux Mint MATE Sarah I don’t have that.

If you don’t know what I am on about, torrent a Linux systrem some time and you’ll see what I am talking about in transmission-gtk.

One awesome thing you could do as a new user is to install Infinality to improve how fonts appear.


Well I’ve just checked that and i can see its green, where did you copied theme files? I first had them at home folder but running gdebi and lightdm settings were rendered as white, so i put them in /usr/share and that solved the problem.


I installed from package; mint-y-theme and mint-y-icons @ Interesting; I think I have some symbolic linking i need to do later.


Can anyone name the cursor in the image above it was the screenshot of @wolfman


mint-y is still a broken piece of trash but I am alright with it;

Other things:

Neuron from Digital Blasphemy, with some channel mixing to make it look the way it does
Stuff you don't see / which isn't obvious
Compiz 0.8
Patched NotifyOSD with the NotifyOSD configuration utility
RAVEfinity RAVE-X dark green full icons


My current Ubuntu Mate 16.04 desktop. Simple yet elegant


Hi @asikroy.

the cursor is from the chameleon-cursor-theme set!

sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get install chameleon-cursor-theme


Thanks a lot @wolfman


Back to Ubuntu Mate

Paper icon theme
GTK : Ambiance-Flat-Blue-Spring
plank settings here
plank theme here
Giving a try to albert instead of Synape
Compiz on.
Ready to go :wink:
thaks to the team


yes, the Paper icon set is my favorite too. I use it with Arc theme.
But whats that for an yellow icon in the top left corner?


Hello there. This is my desktop. I love simplicity.


Hi !

This is Mate menu with a linux icon got somewhere around Google Internet …


Very nice desktop! Very modern and clean. :sunglasses:


Thank you so much :blush: