My current 16.04 desktop



My latest desktop. Messed around with Vertex Dark theme a little (hence the Cinnamon-Lite theme name), and decided to try Gis Weather instead of My-Weather-Indicator. :grinning:

Now if only Screenfetch would show the Ubuntu-MATE icon instead of the Ubuntu one. :wink:


Wow. Gnome-Pie… I didn’t know it before. I’m learning everyday something new. :slight_smile:


Hi guys, this is my second desktop, it's the one I have on my 64GB Micro SD card, which I always carry with me and use on any computer..


Hmmm... Rocket looks happy, guess he finally set up Ubuntu-MATE correctly! :wink:



For a peverted laugh, I thought I would see how much I could theme Um up to exactly look like the old win95

Quite a lot as it turns out…:slight_smile:


I just love this simple setting, few adjustments that I made was to make the upper bar autohide, cause it looks better with fullscreen windows like mozilla and it gives a little more space (needed in 1366x768 res.) And I had to relocate the power button, because sometimes, too often for my taste, I hit power instead of closing the fullscreen window.


Hi, is that Cairo-dock ?
have a nice day


autohide helps with 2 panels … could be a way to go ! :grinning:


This is something that I was thinking and actually did after posting this desktop, I realised, that I got used to the idea of a bar at the bottom so much because of windows that it didn’t even get on my mind to autohide it.
It’s gone.
There is even more space now <3


My current laptop.
I tried Ubuntu Gnome 16.04.2 for few days. Worked fine (few freezes) , but i probably missed Ubuntu MATE and the community :slight_smile:

Numix GTK
Ultra flat icons
Plank > pantheon-Tomas theme
I have to look for changing the mate menu icons on the top left ...

Nice evening to all...


Awesome Wallpaper! :joy:

Could you provide this?

Best regards


This one and more are available here :

this is french, just press 'valider et télécharger le fichier" > ( accept and download files) and you’re done ! :wink:


What font is this theme using?


Here's mine...

Looks very like Windows 98, eh?

But that's the beauty of Linux. You can customize the desktop to how you desire (and however you feel comfortable) to your heart's desire.

Yes, my menu button does say Start. It even looks like a Windows 98 Start button. but the Ubuntu logo instead of the Windows logo... but the menu is nowhere near a Win98 menu... more like a cross between a KDE Plasma menu and a Windows XP menu... I love it.

In fact, I named the theme Windows 98 Called and Would Like Their Desktop Back!

The fact of the matter is, I'm used to the Windows 98 desktop paradigm, I basically jumped from Windows 98, which I used for many years, used XP for a couple then when Feisty Fawn (Ubuntu 7.04) happened, I jumped over... never looked back.


My current desktop - watching Netflix on one screen while browsing around and working on some websites.

I’m using the icons & theme from Ubuntu Studio 10.04.


KDE Plasma desktop, I use this one my phone sometimes!! Not many icons, I open most software from the terminal or synapse.


My UI, the wallpaper is from @wolfman post in this thread , filtered on Gimp and I've tweaked the DarkMATE theme with Arc-Darker-Grey Borders. Conky theme is Gotham.

Edited for mention with the @ and link


Latest tweaks:


Hi Larsantos,

could you please post a copy of the modified wallpaper, it looks good in grey!. :smiley: