My current 16.04 desktop


As a former submariner, I have to say... This is cool.[quote="VtvBreech, post:55, topic:5073, full:true"]



Well let me say that I find it very cool to have a former submariner here. I’ve always had a fascination with subs. This particular picture is of one of the last remaining German U-boats in a preserved state (U-534 to be exact) sitting in her home at the Birkenhead docks museum. I was using the Green Submarine theme in UM at the time so this wallpaper seemed appropriate. Cheers!


My latest desktop


The photograph is my own shot. Ubuntu Mate 16.04.2


This photograph is great!! Could you share it?? :blush:


Of course,


The photograph is my own shot


Nice shot ! And again … Do you like to share the picture ? :innocent:


of course.

I have used 6 photos of linuxmint 17 xx before.
I am very happy if you use Ubuntu mate too.


It is my last desk, the background color gives me peace and serenity, I never tire of seeing it, I love it .....

thanks antechdesigns

Now enhanced with CompizConfig Settings manager and enabling transparencies


Your welcome Jo and thank you :grinning:


The photograph is my own shot.


nice one ! again...
So here mine for now :slight_smile:
Who still needs a Mac :innocent::smiling_imp:
How flexible is GNU/Linux and our Ubuntu Mate !

GTK > Radiance-Flat-Aqua-Pro
Icons : La Capitaine
Plank Dock : Pantheon Thomas
Windows : OSX-Arc-White
Next Challenge : Go Marco and try to live without Compiz :joy:


Ubuntu MATE 16.04.2 with Zesty Zapus flavor


Here is my desktop screenshot

I used the original MATE desktop, along with Plank and I used the Numix Colour theme.

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My current 16.04.2
GTK : Anbiance Flat-teal
Icons : Ambiant-MATE from Ubuntu 17.04
Firefox start page : address is on it ...
Pllank : HTC Theme (gnome look/devianart)
Wallpaper ... forgot ( misty morning forest, somewhere on the internet)


Currently using Ambient Mate theme with the following mods: Mate Faenza dark icons and Numix window top bars

Enable Keyboard LED in MATE-Tweak
What are you folks doing with Ubuntu-MATE?

Trying Cairo-Dock, leave Compton for a while, back to Compiz. If any of you have doubt about, this is worth any proprietary operating system i won't say the name in here :mask: :scream: :sunglasses:


Ubuntu Mate 16.04.2
Mate panel: 1.16.1
Icons: Numix-circle
Windows: Numix
Launcher: gnome-pie
Wallpaper / changer in my github (gabdub / mini-wpchanger)