My desktop today



Very nice! Love the Minecraft inspired wallpaper :+1:


Screenshot of my new rig with Ubuntu Mate running like the wind.

The only tricky bit was getting my Realtek wifi card to work properly. But all fixed today…:slight_smile:


Here’s mine. Just something I cobbled together using some of the UM art assets and Inkscape. It’s not really finished, but I dig simple wallpapers.


Nice wallpaper, is it possible to share it?


I was thinking exactly the same thing!..:slight_smile:


Absolutely. I was thinking of putting up a few minamalist papers and the “source” svg files into the Art category, when I was done. Here’s what you see in that screenshot though, and a second with a smaller rondel because after I posted it, I got to thinking that the rondel was to big

Attribution: I used the rondel from the Ubuntu MATE Artwork pack. I’m not by any measure an artist, but I can use someone elses work and throw it on a gradient :smiley:


Brilliant. Thanks E.


My latest desktop wallpaper,. made all by my self from start to finish (apart from the ubuntu mate logo)… :joy:

It’s a bit cheesy and basic, but I do love a space scene! I’ll be knocking something a bit better up just as soon as I’ve got to grips with the finer points of GIMP.




Two impressions of my desktop:

Ubuntu MATE 14.4.1 64Bit
Numix theme
And plank dock

The menubar on top is automatically hiding.


I really like the Conky setup you have done here, dont get me wrong the art is great too


This is great :smiley: It is very good with the mate theme that is uploaded in this website :smiley:


Well here is mine as of today…The only real customization is replacing bottom panel with plank.



Fantastic Wallpaper! From where is it?


I got it here…


Thanks! There are many other super wallpaper! :sunglasses:


Keeping it simple


I love this thread!!!
I am always trying new things and love to tweak my UM
Currently testing out UM15.04Beta2
This is my desktop today :slight_smile:


I like to keep things simple but nice :wink: