My desktop today


That’s gorgeous @kuvanito!! What do you have to set that up!!!


simple, I just removed the bottom panel,remove plank and installed docky, also added windows list to top panel and few apps I use, that’s it.
the wallpaper is included in UM15.04


I’m with others…keeping it simple.


This is my 14.04 desk:
Wallpaper I got online Just searched for, “Beach Sunset Wallpaper”. Theming and panel layouts left as default, I like the workflow this way. For border theme, I copied over the Ambient resources from Ubuntu 10.04.

The end result :relaxed:


hi again gals and guys
which one should i choose,green or red?


Hi folks
Here my desktop up-to-date!

I changed some icons in plank manually: smplayer, recoll and clementine

Conkys are: top left: gotham self modified and top right: harmattan new-minty compact normal

I wish all of you a nice day! :smile:


Hi, I love your desktop, specially your gotham, here is mine.

I use the Numix icons because it still one of the best for me, cheers for a nooby.


Thanks! Welcome to Ubuntu Mate Community!
I agree, Numix theme and icons are beautiful! If you are interested, of course I can provide the Gotham Conky file. I simply added battery status, changed colors and fonts from original Gotham conky file. :smiley:


That will be nice, but I am new in Linux, can you get me the simple gotham, like this.


Did you installed already Conky from ubuntu software center? I assume, Gotham is part of the included conky files. :relaxed:


Yes, but I install from not from Ubuntu software center, beceause it is not there.

Do you mean Conky manager, right?? :confused:


Sorry, you’re right. It’s a little long time ago, since I installed conky-manager. I think, you should install both. conky + conky-manager. You can config the conkys without the manager, but if you are new on linux, it’s much easier with the conky-manager. :smile:

An other solution is to search and find conkys on, gotham is here:

To find the .conky file, you go to your .home folder and press Ctrl + H to make visible your hidden files. There you should find your .conky folder with the files. Further, if you would install other conkys, you have to extract the zip files into your .conky folder.


RacingTeam Desktop on Mate 15.04 (sorry but i’m new and no upload image at this time)


It works, thank you so much!

Here is my new desktop with conky/ Gotham :smile:


You’re welcome! Looks nice! :blush:


That’s my standard desktop!



what theme and icons are you using in your pic (below!):


hello - ‘i’m french sorry for my english’
so - pattern like this one : there
and dark mate for windows (include in tweak mate)
and icons : fekete


Merci mon ami. :smiley:

Your link doesn’t work by the way!. :smiley:


@Tetractys Hi i wonder if you can share your desktop setup i just love it.
btw i’m new on ubuntu so if you can do a step-by-step guide how to apply your desktop setup it will be much appreciated.

Have a nice day sir.