My desktop today


Here it is :slight_smile:


tweaks include:
– ambiance-blackout theme - i’ve always been drawn to the dark side (but not too dark!)
– vibrancy color icons
– solarized-dark terminal theme (i use gnome-terminal rather than mate-terminal)
– monaco font in terminal
– wallpaper pinched from dwmx, a very arty debian-based distro
– i normally have my big bottom panel set to autohide - never got into top panels
– for some reason, my dropbox icon has gone from panel, but I’m not too bothered, it still works ok
– actually have a dual-monitor setup, but only included one monitor here


Very nice, simple and elegant!


Here’s my current desktop, so far I’m loving it.
I’m using the Numix theme and Numix Circle icons for the dock bar.
The wallpaper is inspired from a theme I found on Conky Manager and can be found here:

The only modifications I made was to move the time and date to the centre of the panel at the top.
In all, I love the over all look and am really enjoying this Distro!


After re-installing Vivid, I did some minor tweaks :smile:

Just installed the Numix GTK Theme and used the Mate Faenza Green icons…


Here’s mine. Ubuntu-MATE 15.04 using the Ambiant-MATE theme with custom Panel background, Zorin-OS Icon theme with a little menu icon I played around with. , it’s called start-here.png. Used the instructions here to change it.

And replaced plank with Cairo-Dock mainly because I COULD! :smiley:

Wallpaper is a screenshot I took from the victory lane celebration of Dale Jr winning the Coke Zero 400 race at Daytona. :wink:


taking a walk on the wily side

only been running 15.10 for a day, and very pleased with it so far.

Couple of niggly bugs, including the inability to change the window borders under compiz, so i’m stuck with these red things. Didn’t like it at first, so i added some red icons to caja, and it doesn’t seem so bad naooooooooooooooooooowwwww, :wolf:


Yep, I’ve fixed the Compiz stuff in MATE 1.10. Metacity 3.16 has been changed, it no longer looks for theme information is the usual place. Metacity, or rather it’s library, is what provides the window decorator in Compiz.


Jut thought I’d add :smile:


Here’s my current desktop. Ubuntu MATE 15.10 on an IBM ThinkPad. Keeping it simple…


Ubuntu Mate Xenial Xerus Alpha 2 with Numix Theme and Numix Circle icons for the dock bar.
Wallpaper is Rainy Car Window located here:

This image is Licensed under Creative Commons (CC-BY-SA)


“Feelin’ Kinda Green” #UbuntuMate Xenial Xerus Alpha 2

This image is Licensed under Creative Commons (CC-BY-SA)


Please tell me you also got the fire working!


That’s my current Ubuntu 15.10 desktop. The terminal emulator i’m using is integrated with the background as a dock. Hope you’ll like it.


Hi, it is really nice! Could you tell me what is your terminal emulator ? :slightly_smiling:


Thank you, i’m glad you like it. It is xfce terminal emulator with disabled window borders. The terminal automatically runs at the system’s startup. And i’m using Devil’s pie to set its screen position and integrate it with the desktop.


Hi, thank you !!! I didn’t know gdevilspie… it’s really useful !! :raised_hands:


What is that theme? Where can I download it?


Could be Mutiny, already installed, use Mate Tweak to activate.

Save you current panel first.


Not much change here… Powermac G5