My desktop today


This is mine desktop :slight_smile:
i using windows 10 themes from noobslab and dark aurora (i guest…) for windows border themes
and i used Flat remix icon (from noobslab too)
plank with another theme, and cute anime wallpaper (i dont have idea what kind of anime this is…)


Because of your beautiful desktop screen shot, I found this community site!!! Thank You!


Today! Playing around with UltraHD 4K wallpapers (topic Ubuntu MATE Ultra HD 4K Wallpapers).

Yesterday :slight_smile:


System 76’s Pop theme and their Geometric wallpaper!

Looking excellent, with Marco (software compositing) enabled.


My humble desktop :frowning:


I’m current using MATE with the i3 window manager, with the Pop GTK theme.

This is probably the easiest way I’ve set up i3 before, and it’s surprisingly simple to do.

  1. install i3.
  2. open org / mate / desktop / session / required-components in dconf-editor and change the value of windowmanager to i3.
  3. open org / mate / desktop / session / required-components-list in dconf-editor and remove the filemanager element from the list.
  4. open ~/.config/i3/config in a text editor and remove the bar { ... } entry from the bottom of the file, so you can use mate-panel instead of i3bar and i3status.
  5. At this point, there’s no reason you can’t uninstall i3status or i3lock.
  6. Log out of your desktop session and log back in or restart your computer.

(also, probably don’t open caja ever again, or you’ll want to set up some extra config for the desktop window that opens up…)


How good is Ubuntu MATE?


Nice desktop !
How good do you need it to be ? :wink:


MATE is as good, as you make it. And I like it! :slight_smile:

By the way, that’s my desktop. Everything is Polish. Hehe.


Why thank you!

As far as OS’s are concerned, I wouldn’t use anything else! :slight_smile:


How did you made this clock widget? :relieved:


Clock widget? You mean the one in the dock at the bottom?


wow! UltraHD 4K walls! Nice :smiley:


Very nice, MATE allows countless possibilities and I see great artists and customizations that make it very pleasant to view :relaxed:


Some beautiful desktops here!

Here’s my current setup - it’s rather spartan in comparison to everyone else’s.



This Conky is part of conky-collection from Conky Manager. Take a look here:


Where did you find this wallpaper?


It’s my own

Hang on and I will find it and post it…

here it is.

here is the gimp file on which it is based:


Nice ! Thanks stevecook172001
So i’ll tried … :yum:

Old screencap[img]/uploads/default/original/2X/0/0ddba951620e239f64ec8d0b58b0dcbafbedbf8f.jpg[/img]
There is a _lot_ of "Because I can" here, such as using Manjaro's Arc-Maia (Dark) theme and Zsh instead of Bash for Powerlevel9K and theme settings with a colour scheme inspired by GNOME Terminal's default Linux console colours, but overall it turned out alright.

May as well mention, the wallpaper is sort of my own; I de-saturated an image I found online and coloured the corners, then inverted the final result. If anyone wants it here;

Click me to reveal _Original_ [img][/img]