My desktop today


Another Manjaro knockoff, though this time a little more personalized; the base is Vertex Maia, but the icons are RAVEfinity’s flagship icon set, with the more understated ClearlooksRe for window decoration.

As for the wallpaper; [img][/img] _What can I say? The base image is infinitely shoppable_


Here’s my Ubuntu Mate 17.04!!


whats ico that on middle of plank? (sorry for bad english…)


I can only assume that is Synapse, unless there is an apps function I am unaware of.



Today, I turned my desktop into a pickle, because I can…


lol… judging from the look on that pickles face, it must be a dill pickle :slight_smile:


I like that, the dock in particular. Looks good, think I’ll try that one. Thanks


Its avant window navigator. I don’t bother with the MATE bar and have shrunk it to as small as possible. Sadly I don’t think theres a way of removing it. So it’s hidden behind the dock, if you look you can see two small white lines in the middle, thats the last vestige of the dock.


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Was playing around with the Ubuntu-Mate-Cold-no-logo wallpaper and the Ubuntu-MATE logo in Gimp. Gotta love perspective mode! :smiley:


I would like to see a revival of AWN, because it was perfectly fine, but in dire need of some touching up to be a modern GTK3 / dconf-compliant app.


hi friend…
this is my current UM desktop layout
i not upload it to there because image file is so big :cry:


My desktop :slight_smile:


Simple and clean with Global Menu and Mate Window Applets - Window Buttons


Really nice to see so much variation with Mate, - it’s a testament to how versatile it is. :slight_smile:


Testing a new MATE theme with GTK 3.22


Gloriously non-flat.


Traditional without application and added Brisk Menu.


it was a long road
ubuntu gnome 2 --> debian --> linux mint --> arch linux --> ubuntu unity7 --> finally home = :sunglasses: ubuntu mate 17.10 :heart_eyes: