My desktop today


Change my 'Desktop of today - I am lazy so I wan’t everything out of the box and a clean interface to, so therefore I choose lovely Pantheon panel theme.


Change again :kissing_closed_eyes: Missing activitypanel at bottom and found Contemporary panel style. So nice and exiting :slight_smile: Great work ubuntu Mate guys!


I think I’m over Unity now.

I really wanted a converged device, but this will have to do for now. Just a lightweight tablet substitute for surfing. Using x2go to do heavy lifting from my 5820K desktop when needed.

I’m really enjoying Ubuntu Mate.

Laptop is HP Stream 11


I may as well update my setup… Ubuntu-MATE 17.10


I’m trying to find the vertex-maia icons but they seem only available to manjaro. Anybody have any luck? Running 17.10 MATE atm. Also great desktops fellas.


I couldn’t find a ppa or anything, but found this on github…



Just grab the icons from a live session. Write an image to a USB drive with mintstick (from and boot into it.

You can then sudo cp the icon themes you want from there into your system’s /usr/share/icons directory, or in your home directory’s .icons and it will work.


Ubuntu MATE 17.10 Beta.

Tried out Cyberfox for Linux for the first time, was pretty impressed. I’m using Pale Moon for Linux again on one computer.


Appears pleasant. Now if only someone could commit the Arc colour themes as installable themes rather than having users roll their own build and you’d have a purple version to go with the icons.


Ubuntu MATE 17.10 beta … The rest of the info is in the screenshot.




Bonjour Atreju

What is this clock on the top left corner ?


Try again, except reply to whatever post you were asking about.


I drool over min imal design, and yours is just right.

And oh the wallpaper, Great!


My 17.10 Desktop:

Does the advanced indicators are available in Ubuntu-MATE 17.10? I don’t see the option in the Mate Tweak.


Think they’re used automatically if you select either Mutiny, Contemporary or Cupertino.


Ty for the reply


I modified the Contemporary look and looks how I want, ty again.


Do you have a link for those wallpapers?


[Matterhorn] (

unknown mountain