My desktop today


Hi, how can you separate the speaker icon and the network icon from the others icons set up in the standard version of the indicator applets.

Thanks a lot.


Nice Wallpaper! :+1:

May you let me know where I can download it?

Mickey :slight_smile:


I don’t remember where I got it from; I have it on my machine, so let me know how I can send it to you if you’re interested! :slight_smile:


my desktop, i’m working on some ideas for new window buttons for the next update of my theme but it’s hard to make cool colorful buttons without them looking like traffic lights


Actually, not really if you wanted to use symbolic shapes to represent their function.

Close is “X” of course, but you could also make it an eight-pointed star to represent a “Pop” noise, as if the window is “Bursted” away.

Minimize could be an underscore, but alternatively it could be a triangle pointing down and to the left to representing minimizing to bar (on the bottom), but alternatively up and to the left would be nice for people who prefer to minimize to a window list on top.

Maximize is often a box, but it could be two triangles with a separation to represent an expanding of the window, pinching and grabbing it larger, while at the same time the line would represent a distance from one corner to another which would give it double meaning.

Maybe I can work on this in Emerald later on.


That’s my current desktop - Ubuntu-MATE 18.04.


Loving this vintage look and feel…



My desktop today


An interesting Conky font choice, certainly.




For a couple years I’d been running Debian Testing (mate-desktop-environment-core) with my design and development tools added. I bought a refurbished ThinkCentre M92 and a new WD Black 1TB Hard Drive to use for work. I’d installed Ubuntu MATE 18.10 on my wife’s laptop a couple months ago and decided to do the same on my desktop. I’m thoroughly satisfied with my new work machine. Have a great weekend.


Nice. A few questions: what dock-like applet are you using for open apps, and how did you manage to change the orientation of the clock?

I used to have a similar config in Cinnamon, but could not make it in Mate.



Good day @phocean,

Actually I just set the width of the panel to 48px, then the clock just is there like that. No need to do anything or rotate anything. The dock applet is the default mate-dock-applet that you can find in the “Add to panel”, there is simply called “Dock”.

I tried this setup with XFCE but never got the clock working (always vertical), and didn’t get the workspace switcher working as I wanted either. This is the “full setup” in MATE right now. The right panel is set to 550px, so workspace windows are easily draggable too:

The vertical panel on the right is set with autohide ON, and also modified the menu to extend to the full height of the display too, which is the closest I can get to the desired “Look&Feel” :smile:



It’s “Plank” for my favorite apps… very convenient, ease of access. The analog clock is on the default plank: Menu > Accessories > Plank. If you’re talking about the digital clock up top, just right-click > Preferences > 12 hour format.

I’ve never tried Cinnamon, sort of old school MATE (Gnome2) and Openbox (running on Sid here). Have a great evening.


After some tweaking, here my desktop!
Full screen here:


Current desktop, still 16.04:


Cute background you have there. I like it.


Why thank you, my daughter said the same thing! :smiley: