My desktop today


That’s my theme based on Vimix. If you want you can download it here:


A couple of changes…


Hey could u make the theme differentiate between active and nonactive, for example you cannot tell what application is the active on in the window list applet


The active window in the window list applet is the one highlighted grey.


That looks like the Mint-Y theme! Might I ask how did you get it?


Okay why Chrome is saying that “this type of file can harm your computer”?!! This doesn’t happen usually with .deb files!:confused:


Half moon picture taken this morning. Logo taken from UM background images. My first work with Gimp after changing from Windows 8 to UM 1804 in March this year, and learning Gimp since then :cold_sweat:.
Desktop theme: Numix installed using OMG Ubuntu
Icons: NixOS taken from GTK Gnome Org and stored extracted folder in .icons.

Where I started:

I :heart: my Ubuntu Mate. I’m over the moon :smiley:


I’m also a fan of the neat and simple desktop. I also love the fact that we can choose to install themes from the Welcome menu on a fresh installation of Mate 18.04 :slight_smile:

Here’s my current desktop with a customised Greybird theme & Docky:


There’s a trick if you want to have a dynamic moon; if you use the lunar cycle widget from gscreenlets, you could smack it in the middle and it’ll change over time.


Actually, now I think about it he is using conky. Is there a Conky lunar cycle script he could use?






My comment on this one wouldn’t be welcome here, on a so decent forum.


Finally upgraded to 18.04.1. Still prefer orange though. Guess I’m living in the past. :slight_smile:

How to replace Ubuntu MATE's green
Ubuntu Mate needs to be more beautiful and attractive

my desktop


Sorry, haven’t realised that there are replies to my post.
Most of the time, my desktop looks like this because I do actually work with my computer. Here, I had installed Debian in Virtualbox and took some screenshots. Once edited, I will delete them.

To answer the second question below, no, I’m not using Conky but My-Weather-indicator and the clock “allinone” which can be found in the Preferences.


Blacky :slight_smile:



Fresh Ubuntu Mate 18.04.1 install. Who says eye candy is only for WMs


Dope. I take it you are using skippy for picking windows?


Well It’s just resized windows, I either use Alt+Tab or the plank to switch apps. Alt+Tab is generally faster for me