My Screen Flicker when installing Ubuntu x64 on my laptop

Im using Windows 8 right now.

When I try to install Ubuntu on my laptop HP Probook 440 G3, it flickers, I use USB to install Ubuntu but it always Flickers.

Hope someone helps.

What kind of flickering? Can you post an image or a video?

during installation, the displays flicker every second, I cant even see the display on my monitor due to flickering.

Trying to install Ubuntu 16.04 LTS Amd64

So, is it something like the whole screen is flashing on and off or just a window? Does this happen under specific circumstances or all the time?

yes, it is the whole screen on and off, it happens all the time @lepa22

Try to turn xrandr off.
Run these commands:
gsettings set org.mate.SettingsDaemon.plugins.xrandr active false
gsettings set org.gnome.settings-daemon.plugins.xrandr active false .

How can i access the command?, sorry if its a noob question

Open the terminal pressing Ctrl+Alt+T, and then just paste the above commands, one at a time and press Enter.

But i cant see the whole screen since it blinks fast,

You can’t interat with the desktop at all??

yes, I cant, I have try the same USB and working fine with the same brand and laptop, same HP Probook 440 G3.

there is something with my laptop, tried it on 2 laptop with different brands, all good. but my laptop is still flickering.

Do you have access to a tty shell, i.e. do you see a terminal if you press Ctrl+Alt+F1?

my friend has the same model and OS installed and working fine, I don’t know why mine is not working.

I can open the grub>

I’m sorry. I cannot further help you. I hope someone else knows how to solve your issue.

Hi @shambles,

boot into recovery mode and run "dpkg" per the update guide (a network cable connection is required!):

See also:

Even though the screen flickers do you have a successful install?

Just FYI, there have been many reports of flickering for users of Skylake processors.
See for example Bug #1554613