My Ubuntu Mate 15.04 desktop

Hi all,

as the title states, it is a screenshot of my UM 15.04 desktop with the "Clearweather Screenlet" and Conky Manager "Gotham" theme, the wallpaper is (if I remember rightly) an older Ubuntu desktop wallpaper that I have saved in my wallpaper folder:


Looks nice Wolfman :relaxed:

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Why thank you Stephanie, the wallpaper is one of my favourites!. :grin:

Nice desktop :relaxed:
Curious as to which cursor theme and weather applet those are though?

Love the Clearweather screenlet, I’m using it now.


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still playing around and here is my latest clean install on my buddy's dektop :slight_smile:

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its the "Chameleon Cursor Theme":

sudo apt-get install chameleon-cursor-theme

And if you like the pic (Tiny Worlds):

For the Clearweather screenlet (with which you may have to manually start as there seems to be a problem in UM 15.04 with the screenlets autostart function!) It works okay on my ATI rig but not on my Nvidia one?:

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