Navigation, UM help or wiki


Ive red there is a wiki and I wonder, weather there is a Ubuntu MATE specific help. I wonder why there is not a link for such help and/or wiki from the navigation on the top of the page. Using navigation form domain is pretty confusing for the newbies, who could not easily come back. More over if there is not an easy findable link to documentation, it may increas the number of questions here. As far as I know all communities tends to push members to find an answer first by themselves (documentation, Google search) rather than asking. Could the navigation banner be replaced by community domain banner linking also to docs?

I see you have found the Ubuntu MATE Community Forum. That is today's incarnation of the wiki of old. It is here that the community provides you with help from users, developers, and others interested in Ubuntu MATE. From the website, you can get here by clicking on "Support" at the top of the page and scrolling down past the Known Issues. There you will find two buttons.

The one labeled "" brings you to this forum. The one labeled "" takes you to an online version of the Ubuntu MATE-specific help you are looking for. You'll find that this documentation, The Ubuntu MATE Guide is found (after you have installed Ubuntu MATE) in the Ubuntu MATE menus at Menu > Accessories > Ubuntu MATE Guide, and is for users needing a little extra help while learning to use Ubuntu MATE. It's been created for you and other computer users like you who want a reference detailed enough to help you to learn about Ubuntu MATE and its applications and to build your confidence and competence in using them to get things done.