Need Advice About Switching Over to Ubuntu!

Hey guys, my name is Caydn! I am a software engineering student in the U.S :slight_smile:

After hearing about this release of Ubuntu and how it really has been a hit, I have been considering switching over!

What I was hoping for was some advice about switching over.

I have 2 computers. One is a desktop and my main programming space. It will continue to run Windows because I do like the environment… I have been using Windows since I was about 4!

The second is a laptop! More specifically a Lenovo y510p (I think?)… Something like that… It is a pretty beast little laptop with an i7, 8gb of ram, etc… Pretty decent little machine!

I was thinking about making the switch over to Ubuntu on the laptop and using it in classes, and for working on programming projects.

The main reason for this, is because I understand that there is SO much users can do in Linux and I would really like to achieve that potential!

Anyways, I just wanted to know what your guys’ thoughts are on me switching over. What kind of advice would you give me before I take the plunge? Would it be a good idea, or should I stick to the Windows environment that I am used to? Also, if you think I should make the switch, what are some TOP NOTCH tutorials you guys know about learning the linux environment. I know that the transition is quite the learning curve!

Thanks for any advice!

I suggest looking at this computer spec list from our members who’ve proven Ubuntu MATE runs on their hardware.

Here’s a nifty tutorial for beginners written by one of our members

Pay attention to the try part of the beginners tut

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Burn a DVD or load it to a USB and then you can try Mate (16o4) out without installing. It loads to ram and is wiped on reboot. You can play with it without worry.

If you like it you could then install it next to windows and dual boot.

Another option with such a powerful laptop would be running Mate in a virtualbox. That would allow simultaneous operation of both windows and mate, either one would be just a mouse click away.

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Further to @anon42388993's advice, see also:

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Wow, thanks for all the helpful responses guys! It is greatly appreciated! :slight_smile:

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You might also need to install some energy management tools for your laptop, I know that’s the first thing people often complain when new to linux.

There should be someone that can give you advice on what to install for Ubuntu.

I think I’ve seen some thread on this forum about this. I can only give this link to Arch stuff:

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