New Samsung M2020 printer not working

My new M2020 printer is not printing on 16.04. The printer comes to life when turned on (blue button), and warms up. 16.04 says the printer is installed, and when I click the PRINT button…crickets.

The green light never even starts to flash when PRINT is clicked. Just a steady green.

Anyone else have a similar situation? Please, I need a solution before time runs out so I can send it back if need be.

Thank You


Perhaps you need to remove your present printer driver and follow instructions given here to install a new driver -

or perhaps here -

Good luck matetwo.

Hi mdooley, There was no other drivers installed for the M2020. What I did find out was if I unpluged the USB cord, and hit test print, the print job would actually sit in the queue. This seems to tell me that all is OK on the computer end

With the USB plugged in the printer (M2020), the test page would not even show up in the print queue.

I have already packed it up and it will be shipped back.

Thanks for the input again.

I am marking this as solved!


Thanks for reporting back matetwo.

I wholeheartedly recommend Brother printers, outstanding Linux support with drivers packaged as .deb installers for simple installation via the GUI.

As a tech they’re the only printers I’ll sell now.

Thank You Bulletdust…

Brother is the way to go!



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Not a problem my friend!