New to Ubuntu Mate 16.04

Didn’t see an introduce yourself area but i guess this works. As the title says i’m new to Mate, as of two days ago. Had been using Ubuntu 15.04 for just over a year and was ok with it but had some issues. I upgraded my laptop to a used Thinkpad T420. and spent several days looking at a few distro’s via bootable usb and settled on Mate. Have to say that things are good, everything works and is easy. Chrome downloaded fine and everything i’ve tried to do so far has gone without a hitch so Thumbs Up to the Ubuntu Mate team, i’m hoping to stay here for a while and greeting to all you Mate lovers out there.


welcome to the community, I also left Ubuntu Unity, I have installed Ubuntu mate is the best desktop and more functional for me, if he continues on this path, here I stay, like many who are here, greetings …

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Welcome! And to the many users who introduced themselves to this buried topic:

Hey All.

New to MATE here. I had reverted to Ubuntu 10.04 when they messed it all up, unable to run 2 instances of terminal, pulled the keyboard shortcuts and made it all like - mouse - click - and all.

My Ubuntu 10.04 served me well - restarting only 4 times per year (I have a really good battery back up.) Now I am looking for a replacement. I have been using MATE for about a month and am satisfied with many aspects. Everything worked out of the box!!! A few things don't

  • The weather (upper right) not working
  • Games are awesome - but my GPU is red hot (no fan monitor/cooling scheme)
  • I restart 3 or 4 times per week as I receive - MATE has experienced an 'Internal Error'
  • In general - it gets a bit flaky and there is not a lot of support.

As with any project, I expect it will get better with time. I am really happy to no longer see "Your browser cannot display this image" or "play video"

I dealt with those messages as the world went headlong into instability and my system stayed rock solid stable. Better I have no crashes and my browser can't do certain things. I seriously hope MATE can make an otherwise bad Ubuntu into something that allows users to power-use it!

Here is one of my errors (reporting doesn't work so I am posting it here)