Nm-applet does not apper at startup

Hi there, I am using Ubuntu MATE 16.04 and I’ve made the latest updates.
The problem is; after sign-in to the PC, my nm-applet does not show up… This behaviour starts a few days ago.

I’ve seen nm-applet crashing and not respawn automatically.
I can’t reproduce it though.
Usually when that happens I open a terminal and run the command “nm-applet &” then it comes back and stays after reboot.

Thanks. I've found a similar solution here in the forum but after reboot nm-applet is not running.

killall nm-applet; nohup nohup nm-applet &

Have a quick look here Wifi Problems. To my surprise 10 minutes ago I also found my Raspberry Pi (latest U-Mate) is exhibiting the same behaviour as my Mac Book Pro. The nm-applet crashed after 5minutes, even though the underlying connection was maintained. It must deep in the system, and remedies only paste over some of the cracks.

Found a solution:
Just installed Ubuntu MATE 16.04 and the same thing happened to me. In my case, if I open a terminal and type nm-applet, it appears right back (of course then I can’t close the terminal). So a solution would be making a script to be run at startup to start the applet if it isn’t running already.

It's what the trailing & is for in the command: so you can close the terminal. ^^

That was one of my suggestions here:

That is actually a great tip, thanks! (Obviously a beginner here)

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