No drive or partition shows during installation

I am running a Microsoft refurbished 64 bit desktop with Windows 7 and PCLOS Linux. When I try to install another linux distro, no drive or partition shows when I get to the page to choose where to install Mate. I have tried several distros and the majority do the same thing. When I am supposed to choose where to install there are no drives or partitions showing. I have used partition managers to partition the hard drive. I have 3 primary partitions and an extended partition with several logical partitions. I already have a partition formatted and ready but don’t know how to get the partitions to show up.

I have been searching for solutions that involve the bios and motherboard but haven’t found anything that works so far.

I post here on the chance that some others might have experienced the same problem and found a solution.


see the partition guide and check your settings against the various scenarios shown, I think (not sure?) that you have too many primary partitions before the extended partition, drop that number down to 2 primary and the other partitions can be put inside the extended partition:

Does your PC have UEFI/Secure Boot?:

Hope it helps!. :smiley:

On PCLinuxOS:
Please open a Terminal as root and run:

fdisk -l

and post the output.

BTW: I prepare partitions with GParted (live medium).

Terminal output (as root) of


maybe would be helpful.
If you have 3 primary partitions and 1 extended partition as container for logical partitions - that would be okay.