No HDMI Sound on Intel NUC5PPYH


I have just fresh installed Ubuntu MATE 16.04 on an Intel NUC5PPYH which has the latest BIOS installed.

Everything works fine except I cannot get any sound through HDMI. Video through HDMI works fine.

Under “Sound Preferences” the only device shown for sound output is “Built-in Analog Stereo”. Installing pavucontrol and alsamixer similarly do not show a HDMI device for audio output.

I installed the latest ALSA driver as described below however, it made no difference.

I then installed Ubuntu 16.04 and sound through HDMI works perfectly.

I really don’t know what else to do! Perhaps I should install MATE desktop on Ubuntu but that’s probably not going to be as well integrated as Ubuntu MATE.

Any advice appreciated.


Hi Greggy,

have you looked in Sound > Output > and made sure that the HDMI device is marked?:

(Pic in Deutsch, sorry!)

Hi Wolfman,
Unfortunately there is no HDMI device shown to mark. The only device which appears is “Built-in Analog Stereo”. I have checked this many times, rebooted many times, plugged HDMI cable in and out many times. No HDMI device ever appears.

Further to the above …

I just had a go at installing the MATE desktop on a fresh install of Ubuntu 16.04.

sudo apt-get install mate-desktop-environment-core mate-desktop-enviropnment mate-desktop-environment-extras mate-dock-aplet

When logged onto MATE desktop HDMI sound device is not available.
If I log out and then log onto Unity desktop, HDMI sound device is available.

What’s going on here?


Hi Greggy,

have you done a full system update?:

Is that in the sound preference hardware tab? The output tab? Both?

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In the Hardware Tab in the field “choose a device to configure” that device will only say HDMI, in that field and also under the “output” tab, if its profile is also set to HDMI under “Settings for the Selected Device”. This is
different to how it’s presented in Ubuntu Unity which I think must have caused me to think that the device was not shown.

Serves me right for not exploring all the settings properly. Thanks for suggesting to look at both tabs in more detail. This simple oversight cost me several hours!


Glad you fixed it. Can you please mark your own post as solving the thread? (There’s a checkbox next to it)

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